How does child summer mood easily irritable do? Maybe it’s emotional heat stroke. First class parents should learn to put out the fire

A mother asked me such a question backstage. In fact, this problem is not unique to this mother. Many mothers will find that she is a good baby, but her temper is getting more and more irritable with the arrival of summer, and she often makes intolerable behaviors.

experts believe that this may be related to the human body’s physiological response to heat: the rise of temperature will lead to faster heartbeat, increased testosterone levels and other metabolic reactions. This kind of response to human sympathetic nerve stimulation, easy to lead to people’s temper impulse.

relevant researchers once called this irritable phenomenon of children as “emotional heatstroke”, which means that children’s emotions are uncontrollable.

when the emotional rebellious period encounters hot summer, these children often lose their temper for no reason, and maintain an antagonistic attitude towards the people around them.

they actually vent their dissatisfaction with something by throwing things or losing their temper, or just to attract the attention of their parents. In the face of this situation of children, parents should pacify their children’s emotions. First of all, they need to let the children realize that this behavior is not correct.

it is unusual for children in the stage of “emotional heat stroke” to ask for what they want, often with emotional factors. Threats are the easiest way they can think of.

these children often like to threaten their parents. Qingpo parents go shopping. At this time, parents need to realize that the child is the performance of “emotional heatstroke”. They should not compromise when they come up. First, they need to calm down the child from the child, and then make a decision.

children in the stage of “emotional heatstroke” are often radical in their emotional expression. Learning to swear has become the most direct way for them to express their inner “restlessness” happily.

when parents hear their children say dirty words for the first time, they should first control their emotions. Parents need to realize that this is in fact an imitation of children’s “emotions”.

in summer, the dryness and tropics of summer give children the unwillingness to abide by the rules. The baby likes to use chopsticks to knock on the dishes and chopsticks, and grab to eat when eating is actually the expression of children’s inner agitation.

changes in the weather affect not only children, but also parents in their families. Parents want their children’s mood to be in a relatively stable state. They may as well try to start from themselves to avoid the impact of their bad emotions on the growth of their children.

because of their age limit, children often don’t know what way to express themselves when their wishes are not responded to.

crying is undoubtedly the most effective way for children at this time. In fact, this is just a child’s urgent practice, which in fact shows that children do not have the ability to correctly express and adjust their emotions.

in the process of teaching children how to express and control their emotions correctly, parents must make good use of picture books. Picture books can not only bring interesting learning to children, but also help them learn a lot.

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