How difficult is Chinese? Look at the Chinese test paper of foreigners, Chinese people do not necessarily understand

With the increasing influence of China, Chinese is also known to many foreigners. Therefore, the state has set up many Confucius Institutes abroad to cultivate foreign friends who are interested in Chinese.

Chinese also has its own level examination, which is called HSK for short. Just like our English proficiency test, it is divided into levels 1 to 6, mainly for foreigners, ethnic minorities and overseas Chinese whose mother tongue is not Chinese. It is held at home or abroad regularly every year, and different grades of certificates are obtained with different scores.

listening is about the same as normal news broadcasting, with medium difficulty. Reading mainly focuses on choosing wrong sentences, cloze and reading comprehension. The main requirement of written expression is the abbreviation, which doesn’t need to be thought by yourself.

the most difficult HSK level 6 is about our language level in the college entrance examination. The most frustrating thing is the tedious modification of sick sentences. Even if the Chinese do it, they may not be sure that they are all right.

foreigners learn Chinese just like we learn English. We need to accumulate words slowly, but they accumulate words one by one. We only know different combinations of 26 letters, and Chinese needs to be memorized one by one, so it’s very difficult.

what’s more, the most difficult thing for them to understand is the tone of Chinese. In English, the different tones of a word do not affect its meaning. However, different pronunciation of a word in Chinese may mean different meanings. For example, the meaning of different tones of the word “ah” is different. This is the breadth and profoundness of Chinese for us, and it is almost a nightmare for them.

many of us think that the reason why Chinese can’t reach the promotion level of English is that it is too complicated and difficult to learn, but this is not the real reason. The most important reason is China’s international influence.

the reason why English is so popular stems from the colonial expansion and Global trade of Britain in modern times. The great influence of the British Empire has forced all over the world to put English in an important position. Even in the world and trade system dominated by Europe and the United States, we have to learn English in order to better develop our country. If one day China’s influence is big enough, its strength is strong enough, and its trade is wide enough and huge, it will attract the attention of many countries, and the Chinese language will be hot.

in fact, since the end of the cold war, with the continuous rise of China’s international status, more and more foreigners have begun to attach importance to Chinese learning, especially in China’s neighboring countries. For example, Russia has put Chinese learning in a very important position.

today, one fifth of Russian universities have Chinese courses. What’s more surprising is that last year, Chinese has been officially listed in the Russian college entrance examination, becoming a major milestone in the internationalization of Chinese.

we should be full of hope for the future of Chinese. When China’s comprehensive strength stands out among the world’s nations, when China has the top level in various advanced industries, the internationalization of Chinese will become more and more smooth, and more and more foreigners will have to face up to the learning of Chinese.

we can’t think that foreigners are not willing to learn Chinese because of the difficulty of Chinese. We should know that complex French was once regarded as a noble language in France, and it was sought after when it was regarded as a noble language. Therefore, if we make good efforts to develop a force for the country, we can contribute to the internationalization of Chinese.

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