How dare you crush Huawei? Huawei’s official counterattack: none of the three US giants wants to run away

Today, the United States is still the technology overlord, and has many technology giants with monopoly status, such as apple, Google, and Qualcomm. We all know that chips and systems are the foundation of science and technology development. However, these giants in the United States almost monopolize the field of chips and systems, and are directly at the top of the entire industrial chain and have the highest voice.

However, many people are not satisfied with this, that is, Huawei has been in a passive defensive state almost all the time, and basically has not made any positive counterattack. But recently, Huawei, which has been under pressure for a year, has begun to fight back!

recently, Huawei officially started to fight back, that is, starting with patents, it sued Verizon, HP and Cisco in the United States, demanding huge patent fees. The reason is that under the circumstances of restrictions on Huawei in the United States, American enterprises are still using Huawei’s 5g patents, and there are more than 200 of them. According to the media forecast, the patent fees will be as high as tens of billion yuan.

and as for whether it is possible not to give money, this is totally non-existent. The reason why the United States can “colonize science and technology” on a global scale depends on this set of patent system. If the patent system is destroyed just for the sake of Huawei, then the United States will only lose more than it gains.

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