Hou Jinglei, chief travel safety officer of didi: more than 170000 drivers are forced to rest every day

Beijing News shell financial news fatigue driving affects driving safety. On August 7, in the latest issue of Didi, Hou Jinglei, chief travel safety officer of Didi, introduced that on average, 6000 drivers were forced to take a rest for at least 6 hours and more than 170000 drivers were forced to take a rest for at least 20 minutes on didi platform every day.

didi has been trying out the anti fatigue driving rules of since 2017, including short-term strategy and long-term strategy. Among them, the short-term strategy requires that if the service time of all the taxi Hailing drivers of didi net has accumulated more than 4 hours and the one-time rest time between them is less than 20 minutes, they need to take a 20 minute off-line rest before they can go online to receive orders again. The long-term strategy requires drivers to rest for 6 hours after reaching a certain charging time, which is different according to the characteristics of different business lines.

didi introduced the use of AI technology to build a fatigue driving early warning system, which was carried in the safety vehicle intelligent hardware to analyze and identify the driver’s fatigue status in real time. Before the driver enters the fatigue state, remind the driver to pay attention to the ventilation and rest in time to avoid fatigue driving. When the driver is identified as fatigue feature twice in a row, he will be forced to leave the line.

“in 2019, Didi broadcast a total of 304 million fatigue driving reminders through the owner’s end and intelligent hardware, and more than 3 million drivers received special education on fatigue driving.” Hou said. Isn’t a happy meal safe? Six year old girl eats “Mask” in McDonald’s chicken nuggets

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