Hong Kong media: ASEAN does not buy US’s tough remarks on South China Sea

U.S. Secretary of state pompeio launched a full court diplomatic pressure, trying to gather Southeast Asian countries to support the US South China Sea operation. But many Southeast Asian countries reacted cautiously. In fact, this move by the United States is likely to fail. Why? The main reason is that these countries are worried that they will become pawns and be harmed as they were during the cold war. American Defense Secretary esper also clamored that “only strength can ensure freedom”. Before this round of heated talk, the US Navy aircraft carrier participated in a military demonstration. But pompeio did not get the desired response from Southeast Asia. < p > < p > as William Chung of the Southeast Asia Yusuf Issac Institute in Singapore said, challenging China in terms of values is “not feasible” in Southeast Asia. “We will not see the kind of counterattack that the United States expects in ASEAN. This kind of confrontation with China and “kicking the door” is not the way ASEAN countries act. ” Some worry that pompeio’s tough words are just a strategy to help trump re-election. Others believe that America’s presence in the region is a double-edged sword. “The worst-case scenario is that the situation escalates and then the United States leaves and leaves,” said shahliman Rockman of the Malaysian Institute of strategic and international studies Indonesia, Singapore and other ASEAN members remain neutral. Malaysia’s foreign minister called on countries to “avoid military posturing.”. He said Malaysia should not be dragged into the superpower race. The Philippines did not participate in the recent US led South China Sea exercise. < / P > < p > there are good reasons to suggest that the front initiated by the United States is unlikely to be realized in ASEAN. For their own economic and geopolitical considerations, these countries do not want to have a stale relationship with China. In fact, it is never realistic to think that the South China Sea Congress of Southeast Asia will join the ranks of attacking China. Some people also say that the trump administration is “smart” to clarify its position on the South China Sea issue. Maybe they think the countries concerned can be convinced by the United States, maybe they expect some emotions in the region, and even hope that if the United States uses military force, some countries will follow. If you think so, it is absolutely dangerous wishful thinking. Since withdrawing from the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, the soft power of the United States in Southeast Asia has declined rapidly. Trump’s “US priority” has made ASEAN countries feel that they can only rely on themselves. India has more than 60000 cases for the first time and over 2 million cases have been diagnosed

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