Harris becomes Biden’s deputy to India? Indian diplomats “pour cold water”

[Global Times reporter Wang Yi] “Harris was elected as vice president candidate, India and Jamaica are happy to blossom.” The Washington Post reported on the 13th that the phone rang at balachandran’s home in New Delhi before dawn on the 12th. On the other end of the phone, his sister sarala, who was far away in Chennai, India, brought extraordinary good news that their niece, Harris, became the first African American and Asian woman to run for the vice presidency on behalf of a mainstream American party. Camara Harris, 55, was born in the United States. Her mother, hiamara, came to the United States from India at the age of 19 to pursue her doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley, where she met her father, Donald, from Jamaica. The election of Harris as Biden’s running mate has inspired many Indian and Jamaican people. < p > < p > balachandran, 80, who is Harris’s uncle, laughed heartily at the news. Balachandran called Harris’s rise “inevitable” and said his niece was ready to deal with the squalor of future elections. When Harris became a senator in 2016, balachandran flew to Washington for her inauguration. Now he hopes to have the opportunity to witness Harris becoming the new vice president of the United States in January next year. In an interview with Indian media on the 12th, Shalala, a retired doctor and aunt of Harris, said that the whole family was shocked by Harris’ news. She described her niece as “a person who never forgets her roots and believes in family values.” she even said, “if I text her now and say, ‘Kamala, I need you’, she will be here the next day.” From Bollywood to politics in India, Harris is being congratulated. Actress piaka Chopra tweeted on the 12th that “this is a historic and transformative moment of pride for all women.” Shahi tarur, a member of the Indian opposition party, also tweeted that a person of Indian origin “is only a line away from the presidency, which is exciting.”. In the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, home to his mother, the deputy chief minister tweeted that Harris’ nomination was “a moment of pride for Indians, especially Tamil Nadu people.”. In addition to relatives in India, former Prime Minister Patterson, who claimed to have watched Harris grow up, also said that Jamaica was excited by Harris’s election as a vice president candidate. Paterson and Harris’ father, Donald, used to be a classmate at the University of the West Indies. According to the Washington Post, Jamaicans believe that Harris’ selection by Biden is the latest example of Jamaica’s great influence on the world. Claire, head of the Jamaican immigration service, told the Jamaican picker on the 12th that Harris, as a woman of Jamaican descent, was chosen as Biden’s running mate, which shows that as a country, Jamaica has a lot of gold, which has been shining on the international stage. < / P > < p > although on social media, Indians are dissecting the history of her family in India and have been pickling the way her grandparents live in Chennai, Jamaicans also joked on twitter, “Harris’s father is Jamaican, and she is related to Jamaica. Biden elected her to run for vice president. As far as Jamaicans are concerned, we are the vice president of the United States. “. Jamaica and India are pouring cold water. The province, the Canadian media, reported that Harris’s parents divorced when she was young, and Harris went to Montreal with her mother to live in a white community. Although Harris said that her mother had a great influence on her, she was more used to showing her identity as “African American” rather than “Indian American”. As for the identity of Jamaican, she said: “half of my family are from Jamaica, don’t you think?” This remark also aroused the displeasure of Harris’ father. Although Harris’s relatives said that she often went to India to learn some Tamil language when she was a child, she was criticized by people including Harris after the modi government established a close relationship with trump. Last year, Harris expressed “concern” about the potential human rights problems in the Kashmir region, where India is in constant conflict. According to national public radio, some Indians are dissatisfied with Harris’s position on Kashmir. Some people tweeted: “that’s one of the reasons why I don’t support Harris. Only those who want to separate Kashmir, my ancestral hometown, from India will welcome her.” < / P > < p > “Harris grew up eating rice, pigeonpeas and potato curry. Will her rise have an impact on Indian industry?” Indian media “times now news” on the 13th could not help asking, when her main identity is an American citizen, will Indian blood really bring about changes? Although she accepted her Indian heritage and believed that her grandfather and mother had a great influence on her, she was raised to be a proud African American. Some Indian diplomats also believe that although the Indian American vice president is proud, it is unlikely to have any significant impact on US foreign policy, and India must make a calm assessment of Harris. For South Asian American voters, the non-profit organization “South Asian Americans ahead” believes that Harris’s becoming a Biden partner is a historic event, but don’t mistakenly focus on her ethnic identity. “Although it is exciting for Asian Americans to play this role, identity alone does not guarantee that candidates will support and enhance the status of South Asian communities and other black and brown communities,” the head of the agency, Mr. sridland, told the Hong Kong South China Morning Post on the 13th. Huawei Yu Chengdong: Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, carrying the “out of print” Kirin’s latest 5g chip

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