Gunfire continues! Indian border guard officers turn around and kill two comrades in arms! What happened to the Indian army

On the occasion of the fifth military commander level talks at the border between China and India, gunfire was heard again from the Indian border forces, and two Indian soldiers were killed. This is the second similar incident in a month. What happened to the Indian army?

according to the report of the Russian satellite news agency quoted by the overseas network of people’s daily on August 4, local time, a shooting incident suddenly occurred in India’s border defense forces. The incident occurred in the Indian border security forces stationed near the border between India and Bangladesh. According to Indian security officials, an Indian officer suddenly took out a gun and shot the other officer and the commander of the team at about 3:30 a.m., killing two people on the spot. Later, after a long period of persuasion by the force commander, the officer who committed the crime put down his gun and was immediately arrested.

earlier, in the evening of July 6, an Indian armed border guard soldier shot and killed him on the spot after a quarrel with his superior officers in the Indian controlled Kashmir area, and then committed suicide. At that time, the Ministry of Defense said that the main reasons for the problem were that the soldiers and their families would not be shot and killed, but the main reasons were that the Indian military did not shoot and kill themselves. And the reason given by India for this incident remains similar – related to the psychological problems faced by Indian soldiers for a long time. It can be said that the explanation given by India is not wrong, but it is too general to give specific reasons. So what’s going on inside the Indian army?

on the whole, there have been a series of shooting and killing of one’s comrades in arms in the Indian army. The natural and psychological problems can not be separated from each other. However, in a specific aspect, the reasons come from various pressures.

the first is the existence of the caste system in the Indian army. In the Indian army, people with high caste are destined to be officers, while those with lower caste can only be ordinary soldiers. At the same time, there are differences between officers and higher-level officers. Moreover, due to the difference in status, the superior will always abuse, send subordinates, and even deduct the board expenses of lower level soldiers It also caused many Indian soldiers to look thin and malnourished.

secondly, the recent situation in India’s border areas is extremely unstable. There have been attacks on India Pakistan border, Indonesia border and India Myanmar border, causing a large number of casualties. It can be said that India’s border soldiers have been in a state of fear for a long time. This pressure is common in the Indian border forces.

, moreover, most of the border areas in India are in plateau areas, and the living environment is extremely bad. Moreover, the supply capacity of Indian army has been suck up. The front line soldiers are always in a state of insufficient food and not warm clothes, which leads to India’s border guards easily producing extreme ideas.

under various factors, together with the fact that Indian soldiers have been unable to reunite with their families for a long time, these reasons have led to the accumulation of internal contradictions in the Indian border forces. Therefore, the shooting and killing of each other in case of dispute can be explained. Constellation

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