Google: more than 2500 YouTube channels related to China have been deleted, a small part of which involves politics

Google said on Aug. 5 that it had deleted more than 2500 Chinese related YouTube channels as part of its efforts to eliminate false information on its video sharing platform.

the alphabet company said it was committed to eliminating false information on video sharing platforms. These channels were deleted between April and June this year.

Google said in a quarterly briefing on the operation of false information that these channels usually publish “junk information, non political content”, but a small part of them involves politics.

since the 2016 US presidential election, false information from overseas has become a serious concern of us politicians and technical experts. At that time, actors associated with the Russian government sent hundreds of thousands of false messages to the social media ecosystem.

over the past four years, many companies have been trying to avoid a repeat of 2016, with companies such as Google and Facebook posting regular updates on how they fight online propaganda.

Sino US relations are at their lowest point in decades. The global coronavirus pandemic, China’s military strength in the South China Sea and China’s huge trade surplus have led to tension between the two countries.

on August 5 local time, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio said that the United States would like to see “untrusted” Chinese apps removed from the U.S. app store, calling China’s own tiktok and wechat as “major threats.”.

when announcing what he called the U.S. efforts to expand the establishment of a “clean network,” pompeio said Washington would try to prevent various Chinese applications and Chinese telecom companies from accessing sensitive information of American citizens and enterprises.

Meanwhile, US President trump threatened to ban tiktok. The popular video sharing app has been criticized by U.S. lawmakers and the government for national security issues as tensions between China and the U.S. have intensified for months.

pompeio said: “as the parent company is located in China, applications such as tiktok and wechat pose a major threat to the personal data of American citizens, let alone Chinese content censorship tools.” Tiktok now faces a September 15 deadline to either sell its U.S. operations to Microsoft or face a total ban.

on Tuesday local time, US Secretary of state pompeio issued a statement denouncing China’s action of wanted us citizens, highlighting its authoritarianism beyond its borders. “China cannot tolerate the free thinking of its own people and is increasingly trying to extend its influence beyond China,” pompeio said in a statement. The United States and other free nations will continue to protect our people from the long arm rule of Beijing authoritarianism. ”

Chinese state media reported late Friday that Hong Kong police had ordered the arrest of six exiled activists suspected of violating a strict new security law. One of them, Zhu Mu min, chairman of the Washington based Hong Kong Democracy Committee, tweeted that he had been a U.S. citizen for 25 years.

Google deleted 2600 “China related” YouTube channels from April to June. Previously, it claimed to suspend the processing of Hong Kong government’s request for user data.

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