Good news after cr929! Russia has the strongest aviation thrust of 35 tons, and it only takes 5 years to install the aircraft into the sky

Cr929 civil long-range wide body aircraft is a wide body aircraft jointly developed by China and Russia. From the end of November 2018, after the cr929 long-range wide body aircraft prototype appeared at the 12th China International Aviation and aerospace Expo, to the end of December 2018, the final assembly line was successfully completed. Recently, good news came from cr929!

at the end of July, the chief designer of Russia’s perm engine company disclosed in an interview with reporters that the pd-35 high thrust aero-engine being developed by the company is expected to be installed in 2025 and enter the flight test stage, and the mass production work will start no later than 2028. Pd-35 is the matching aeroengine of cr929 wide body airliner proposed by Russia. The thrust of pd-35 series aero-engine covers the range of 33-40 tons. Only two pd-35 with standard thrust of 35 tons can meet the requirements of cr929.

and the matching aeroengine proposed by China for cr929 is Yangtze River 2000, with a maximum thrust of 35 tons. It is the largest thrust aeroengine currently developed in China. In the future, in addition to cr929, it can also be equipped with other giant transport aircraft. At present, the core machine c2xc-101 of Changjiang 2000 has been successfully ignited once, and it is also stable in the test, and the follow-up work is also in an orderly manner.

according to the original plan, the first flight time of cr929 is about 2025. I thought that based on the general development time of aeroengines, cr929 would first equip engines developed by Britain and the United States for test flight. However, at present, both China and Russia have made great progress in the development of aeroengines for cr929. As soon as 2025, we can see that the cr929 will be installed with the engine developed by China and Russia for test flight. In Germany, 1147 new crown cases were added in a single day, breaking 1000 for the second consecutive day in three months

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