Glory smart screen X1 official disassembly interprets benchmarking quality

On August 5, the product manager of glory smart screen was a guest! On the first anniversary of the release of glory smart screen, we will conduct the first official disassembly live broadcast to reveal how the industry-leading leapfrog experience and benchmarking quality of glory smart screen X1 are refined.

glory smart screen X1 is a benchmarking product based on the five major standards of large screen. Its leading industry experience is inseparable from the benchmarking quality, which is far higher than that of the industry in terms of materials and workmanship. It always takes consumers as the center and defines the quality standard around the extreme experience of consumers.

the product manager of glory smart screen pointed out in the live broadcast that the service life of large screen products is as long as 10 years, and the reliability is very important. Therefore, glory smart screen will not miss every detail, with a set of high standard quality assurance system to ensure that every smart screen can accompany users for a long time.

in the material for the back shell of the body, the PC + ABS material with better flame retardancy is selected for the glory smart screen x1, which can eliminate potential safety hazards from the source compared with the commonly used hips materials in the industry. The internal connection port adopts high-cost gold-plated treatment, which can greatly reduce the risk of corrosion of the device and prolong its service life; the split motherboard can not only improve the product performance In order to ensure the signal strength, the glory does not hesitate to use the three antenna design, two Wi Fi antennas and one Bluetooth antenna, which are dedicated to the dedicated line, do not interfere with each other, and the stability and speed are better. The metal shield is added to further increase the signal stability of the antenna.

in terms of the core sound and picture quality of large screen products, glory smart screen X1 adopts the combination of high-quality four 10W loudspeakers and 1L large cavity, which is extremely rare in the same price TV industry. Through the careful selection of more than 10 kinds of acoustic solutions, the sound quality can only be achieved under the same size. At the same time, glory smart screen X1 cavity design is an exclusive patent.

in terms of image quality, glory smart screen X1 not only has 92% Dci-p3 has a wide color gamut. The screen panel also adopts a three-layer membrane structure, and has 50 backlight beads, which can achieve better visual angle and more uniform backlight effect, so that the screen can see more details of the picture; at the same time, glory has carefully adjusted the color of each glory smart screen x1, bringing the best color accuracy and consistency.

in terms of chips, the glory smart screen X1 uses the Honghu 818 chip. In terms of daily task processing, 8K resolution and multiple video format decoding, Honghu 818 has a better speed performance. As early as 2004, Hisilicon began to prepare for TV chips. In 2014, Hisilicon chip application of image quality technology developed to the third generation, and reached the fifth generation last year, leading its competitors in image quality technology. With 16 years of TV chip technology accumulation, the glory smart screen X1 can shine brilliantly in the quality of sound and picture once it is launched, and realize the leapfrog experience.

in addition to the original quality, glory has also established a sound quality assurance process in the R & D and production stages to strictly control the product quality with the quality control standards far higher than that of the industry, so as to ensure that every smart screen X1 is trustworthy.

at the same time, it also simulates user use scenarios. For example, glory has conducted more than 10000 plug-in durability tests on port connectors, 100000 times on-off and off screen bright screen tests, and 30W hours in beta tests.

after strict quality control, glory also introduces a highly automated production line for quality control test, including automatic color adjustment of production line, automatic OC full lamination, automatic inner tube detection, screen defect, automatic audio, automatic interface, aging test, etc. Compared with the common manual detection in the industry, the glory highly automated production line can not only improve the delivery efficiency, but also ensure that each consumer purchased the glory smart screen can maintain consistent product quality.

from new comers to blockbusters, from benchmarking products to industry structure, glory not only shows the aggregation ability of technology power, product power and brand power in the large screen market, but also highlights the cross-border innovation of head technology brand to the industry responsibility.

Based on the five major standards of smart screen, glory smart screen X1 defines large screen benchmark from five dimensions of picture quality, sound quality, chip, wisdom and content, so that consumers can clearly understand what is really good product. During 618 this year, glory smart screen X1 has dominated the list for 12 consecutive days, won 10 titles and broke 4 historical records, realizing a breakthrough in its product strength 。 At the same time, glory has driven the development of the whole industry by its own efforts. Under the guidance of the glory smart screen, more manufacturers have begun to break free from the quagmire of price war. Skyworth, TCL, Haier, Changhong and other traditional TV manufacturers have followed up with the launch of smart screen products to promote the upgrading of industry quality.

as the product manager of glory smart screen said, “our goal is to bring changes to the large screen industry and create a better smart large screen ecology for users. In terms of products, we adhere to the quality first, and ensure the quality of each glorious smart screen by far higher than the strict standards of the industry. At the same time, we also actively decentralize the advantages of technology to enhance the competitiveness of the glory smart screen, and to bring users a real, high-quality screen. In the future, we hope to join hands with industry manufacturers to promote TV industry 3.0 through opening up glorious technology and ecological capabilities, so as to bring users a more comprehensive and immersive large screen intelligent ecology. ”

under the aggregation advantages of technical force, product force and brand power, glory smart screen will continue to make efforts in the future, constantly use its own technical advantages to penetrate the invisible barriers from industry to product, and then from product to consumer, so as to promote the large screen industry to enter the new era of smart screen 3.0, which is the king of quality, so that users can use better products.

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