Girl’s first menstruation, earlier than this age, height may stop growing, mother should care

For the girl’s first menstruation, girls are often panic expression, feel that they have a serious disease, psychological panic. This is mainly caused by not knowing the relevant knowledge in advance, which is also the responsibility of parents.

menstruation is the first step for a girl to mature, and this phenomenon will appear every month in the future, also known as the physiological period. However, the early and late menstruation, as well as the amount of how many signs of the girl’s physical condition, especially the girl’s first menstruation time is very important.

in our school days, we can find that most girls grow very fast, which makes people feel that they must be big and tall in the future. However, after a few years, we find that the height of boys is higher, while the height of girls seems to stop growing.

when Haiyan was in Grade 5, she grew to 1.5 meters long and had her first menstruation, but she was only a primary school student who had just passed her 10th birthday. For the petrel’s height, my mother is very confident that she can grow very tall in the future. After all, her height is 1.65 meters.

after going to junior high school, the boys in the class used to be small and short, but now they have grown much taller, and Haiyan has not seen the height, which makes mother feel anxious.

petrels are not tall, but they have gained a lot of weight. Their originally slim figure has gained a lot of weight. Someone once said, “if a person does not grow in height, he will grow in width.” Maybe this is the phenomenon.

in such a situation, naturally, I have to go to the hospital for examination. However, the conclusion given by the doctor made my mother feel nervous. The doctor said: is “precocious puberty”, causes the child’s body to stop developing.

the doctor also said, “generally speaking, girls’ first menstruation is around 12 years old. If the first menstruation is earlier than 12 years old, then it is easy to be “precocious puberty”, which will lead to the maturation of various organs of the body, thus stopping physical development. ”

because of the change of children’s body, children’s psychology is easy to produce shadows, which will make children think about it unconsciously, which makes children easily distracted. Especially those who do not know relevant knowledge in advance are easy to be scared for the first time, thus producing psychological shadows.

learning requires a calm state of mind and concentration in order to obtain better learning effect. However, the arrival of unprepared menstruation will affect children’s mind and attention.

today’s children are easy to be spoiled, and they are easy to develop the problem of picky eating. Moreover, they are easy to like meat and fried food. However, there are a lot of meat that have been grown up in a short time, and they must have been fed a lot of feed.

there must be a lot of things that accelerate growth, which will affect people’s health. It is not surprising that precocity is caused. So it is necessary to develop a reasonable diet habit, ensure balanced nutrition, and eat more fruits and vegetables at the same time.

I have to say that many young people have developed the habit of going to bed late and getting up late. Even though students have to get up early, their sleeping time is not necessarily the same.

as we all know, the body has been secreting growth hormone at the age of long body, but the most important peak period of growth hormone is only deep sleep, that is, three secretion times between 10:00 and 6:00 a.m.

if you go to bed late, it’s easy to miss the most important growth hormone secretion between 10:00 and 12:00. Therefore, it is very necessary to form a regular and reasonable work and rest time.

children’s physical growth is related to children’s activities. The child care teacher suggests that they should keep exercising every day to help them grow up. Do more jumping and running stretching, such as playing basketball, rope skipping, etc.

in order to enable children to develop the habit of exercise and adhere to it for a long time, parents can also exercise with their children, and at the same time, enhance their physical fitness.

parents should pay more attention to the growth of their children, understand the changes of children, and do a good job in popularizing related work for children, so as not to cause harm to children because of their ignorance.

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