Gates responds to Microsoft’s acquisition of tiktok: he will not make malicious moves and attaches great importance to data security

Microsoft is in talks with byte hop to acquire tiktok, which will be completed by September 15 at the latest. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates responded.

Gates said that Microsoft has made a lot of investment in China, recruiting engineers from all over the world, including China, and striving to establish strong cooperative relations with the world. Microsoft attaches great importance to data security, and will ensure the security of tiktok data. Microsoft will not do anything that is considered “malicious”.

although not tiktok users, gates thinks that tiktok has brought some competition through innovation. Tiktok has done a great job and hopes to find different ways to recognize and accept it.

with regard to trump’s request for the closure or sale of tiktok on Saturday, Gates said he did not know how the decision was made. At present, his energy is mainly focused on the foundation and the response to the epidemic.

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