G5 is about to explode, let’s set a goal together!

In this white paper, QS reveals the results of an exclusive survey that details the priorities and concerns of potential international students from China, India, the European Union and North America.

China is the largest source country of international students. Compared with any other country in the world, China sends more students overseas for higher education. According to UNESCO, more than 928000 Chinese students will study abroad in 2019.

in the United States, China is the largest source of international students, and more than 321000 Chinese students choose to study in the United States. In Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, the situation is similar, with each country enrolling most international students from China.

so how will coronavirus affect the mobility of this important international student population? As for the specific impact, more than half of the students said that they would postpone their study abroad plan or change their country of study. However, less than 10% of the total number of students decided to cancel their study abroad plan. Only 4% of Chinese students decided to give up studying abroad. This shows that the impact of the epidemic is temporary and has not shaken most students’ idea of studying abroad.

due to the influence of Sino US relations, the proportion of students who choose to go to the United States will probably decrease. Australia will now close its border and Canada will not be very warm until next year. Where will these students choose to go?

according to the guardian, official statistics show that the number of Chinese students applying for British universities has increased by 30% since 2018, surpassing Northern Ireland for the first time.

according to official agencies, the UK has received nearly 20000 undergraduate applications from Chinese students in 2019, compared with 18520 in Northern Ireland.

China is already the largest source of international students in British universities. Between 2007 and 2008, there were 43530 Chinese students in the UK, according to the Bureau of higher education statistics. Ten years later, the total reached 106530, including 60460 graduate students and 46070 undergraduate students.

over the past ten years, the number of students studying in the UK from higher education in China has more than doubled. The recent tensions between China and the United States have further benefited British universities.

Chris Skidmore, University minister, said: “international students bring great cultural and economic benefits to the UK. These figures show that we have made good progress in our ambition to open up the world’s leading higher education, and I believe we can go further. ”

Manchester university has the largest number of Chinese students in Europe. There are about 5000 Chinese students out of more than 40000 students, one eighth of whom are Chinese.

the university claims that Chinese students are essential to Manchester’s ambition to become a truly international university. “You cannot shape yourself into an international university unless you have a large number of international students. Chinese students bring connections, and in the classroom, they can provide an international experience for domestic students. ”

from June to July every year, it is always covered by various topics of college entrance examination. In recent years, information from another angle has attracted great attention. In 2016, only 61000 people took part in the college entrance examination in Beijing, and the number of college entrance examination students has been cut down compared with 2006. So where have these half of the children gone?

a large part of them chose “foreign college entrance examination” – A-level. According to statistics, in 2015 alone, the number of Chinese mainland students taking part in A-Level was up to 110 thousand.

A-level is generally recognized by more than 110 countries and regions around the world, and the A-level examination is known as the “world college entrance examination” and “the gold medal standard of global university entrance examination” by the international education circles. With A-level scores, students can apply to famous British universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, as well as universities in the United States, Canada and Australia.

big picture mode, let’s take a look at the admission results of the Experimental Middle School of Beijing Normal University. According to the information sent out on the official website of the University, this year, in addition to the United States, the number of overseas famous schools of Beijing Normal University has continued to make breakthroughs. A total of 8 students have been admitted to Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, and 35 students have been admitted to G5 in the UK, which is a record high! Beijing ranked first among similar schools.

the idea of G5 super elite university with big picture model first appeared in a research report of times higher education in 2004. Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College of technology, University College London and London School of economics are called “G5 super elite” universities. They are the top research universities in the UK, representing the highest level of scientific research strength, teacher-student quality and economic strength in the UK. Among them, Cambridge University, Oxford University, University College London and Imperial College occupy the world university rankings all year round Top 10.

therefore, under the common influence of the increasingly complex international situation and the growing demand for high-end international education, more and more domestic families studying abroad begin to prepare for multi-national joint application.

Lao Zha has also made proud achievements in the admission of G5 in the UK. On the basis of his admission to two Cambridge and one Oxford last year, he won the Oxford full award, imperial technology, London politics and economics, University College London and so on!

in view of the current demand of domestic students for studying in the UK, Lao Zha has launched the UK G5 registration program, which is suitable for the population and service content. Please leave a message or private message in the comment area. Privacy Policy

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