Fudge criticizes “group immunity”: data won’t lie, do you want to die more people, August 14 (local time) on August 13, US public health expert fudge said that he was “dissatisfied” with the current development of the epidemic situation in the United States, and he could not predict how long the epidemic would last. Fudge once again called on the federal government to adopt a unified nationwide approach to avoid mass immunization in order to reduce the number of confirmed cases. Speaking on ABC’s National Geographic on the same day, Fudge said that public health officials in the United States are beginning to see a “disturbing” increase in the detection rate of new coronavirus, which has returned to positive in some parts of the United States. “Most importantly, I’m not satisfied with how things are going.” “We certainly hope that, we are in the midst of a very serious historical pandemic,” he added < / P > < p > according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, as of Thursday local time, the most severe outbreak of the epidemic in the United States, with more than 5 million infected and at least 166000 dead. The day before, novel coronavirus pneumonia was recorded in the United States, which killed more than 1500 people, the most fatal day since the end of May. In Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana, the number of new confirmed cases is likely to continue to increase. On the same day, he said that although some states began to show an upward trend, the epidemic situation in California, Florida, Texas and Arizona was improving, and “now the mortality rate, hospitalization rate and the number of cases have decreased.”. Therefore, in order to prevent future surges, Fudge suggested that the defense epidemic decree needs to be more unified, including universal wearing of masks, keeping distance from society, avoiding crowds, reducing outdoor activities and washing hands frequently. “If you look at the data, they won’t lie” and “it’s up to us,” he said. Fudge said he heard a lot about mass immunization, but “if you do, a lot of people will die.” more than 160000 people have died in the country. “Do we really want to see more deaths. So the option he suggests is to curb the spread of the virus as far as possible, until vaccines or other scientific interventions emerge. < p > < p > Fudge’s comments were inconsistent with those of the White House. At a White House press conference earlier this week, the U.S. epidemic will be in “good shape” for “a very short period of time.”. The White House said U.S. health officials continued to see “encouraging signs” that cases and hospitalization rates had recently declined in Florida and Texas. “I do want to say that in a very short time, we will be in good shape in this country,” the White House said < / P > < p > the World Health Organization said earlier that there is no “panacea” for the new coronavirus, and “it will never be.”. The agency urged countries to practice “basic principles,” including testing, isolating and treating patients, as well as tracking and isolating their connections. “The message to the people and the government is clear: it has to be done,” who director general tamdesai said on August 3 Fudge once said that the new coronavirus was highly infectious and could not completely disappear. Although the virus will not disappear, Fudge has previously said world leaders and public health officials may work to bring the pandemic down to “low levels.”. He said there are many confirmed cases in the United States because some states did not close before the outbreak, while others reopened too early. He praised that other countries could eliminate the first wave of the epidemic by closing at least 90% of non essential operations. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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