Frequent volcanic activity in Ruiz, Colombia

The governments of Tolima and Caldas provinces of Colombia held an emergency meeting on August 10 to discuss emergency plans frequently on the activities of Ruiz volcano. In the past 72 hours, the volcanic activity was frequent, and earthquakes of magnitude 3 or above occurred many times. The volcanic crater activity was abnormal and sulfur dioxide gas continued to erupt. Five towns in Caldas province have issued early warning. At present, the geological monitoring department of Colombia has issued a yellow alert on the volcano, monitoring its activities 24 hours a day. It is reported that the volcano has been active for the past nine years. The last large-scale eruption occurred in November 1985, when at least 23000 people died and tens of thousands of people were homeless. In July 2015, the volcano erupted a large amount of ash, which forced the temporary closure of airports in two nearby cities. < p > < p > Ruiz volcano is located in Caldas Province, southwest of Colombia, with an altitude of 5321 meters. It is one of the 23 active volcanoes monitored by the Geological Department of Colombia. Privacy Policy

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