Four al Shabab prisoners were shot dead on their way out of prison

According to the online report of garoway, the Somali news website, on August 10, local time, in Mogadishu central prison, the capital of Somalia, Al Shabab prisoners who tried to escape and prison guards had a fierce exchange of fire, killing four al Shabab prisoners and injuring several prison guards. A government spokesman said it was an unprecedented vicious event. After a prisoner snatched from the prison guard’s office, he quickly started shooting at random. The prison guards quickly took action and killed four prisoners on the spot. At present, it is impossible to count the number of injured prison guards. < / P > < p > at present, there is still a prisoner at large, witnesses said, the prisoner killed a rickshaw driver, seized the car and left. Russian players in the U.S. Open welcome and retreat: security is not guaranteed, going to the United States is uncomfortable

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