Fortune star is prosperous, the Chinese Zodiac woman with good luck

Hello, teacher, the calculation was super accurate last time, and the result was very satisfactory. After reading your analysis, I have the feeling of clearing away the clouds and seeing the moon. In the future, I will recommend friends to come. Now I want to do some business, such as beauty salon and fruit shop. Which one is more suitable? In addition, do you have money in my life? Do you have a library?

[teacher analysis] Kun Zao: Geng Wu, Ji Chou, Ji Mao, Geng Wu, Ji Tu yen was born in Chou Yue Wang. He sat down to take care of his body. When he did, he discharged his body. When he did, he helped him. When he did, he helped him out. His life situation comprehensively analyzed that yen was prosperous, five elements like gold, water and wood, and he avoided fire and earth.

women’s lives belong to horses. Nayin is the life of the earth beside the road, and Japanese yen is the land of the countryside. Born in winter, the land is ugly and the earth is prosperous. The pattern is shoulder to shoulder.

the five elements of life bureau are short of water. From the perspective of the five elements, the five elements water is regarded as the financial star, and the five elements are short of water. The fortune is ordinary. The heavenly stems show that Gengjin hurts the officials and makes money. The injured officials say that they are skilled in technical skills and eloquence. They are suitable for the financial industry, financial management, sales industry, etc., and they belong to the small rich.

from 2011 to 2020, the Universiade will be in the period of bingxu, which is full of fire and soil. It is a taboo for God, and the local branch and the ugly punishment are used to punish each other. The expenses are relatively large and the money can not be saved.

in 2018, the year of 1898 is full of robbery, easy to commit villains, a lot of words and things, and it is also a year of heavy spending on money. By the year of 2019, the land branch will be closed and the fortune will be good and the fortune will be prosperous. God will come and good luck will come.

the year of 2020 will be the year of gengzi. This year, gold and water will grow together, and the branches of the earth will rush at noon. If you can make money this year, you should not invest or lend money to others, so as not to lose money.

the year 2021 is a time of prosperity. This year’s combination is the God of food to make money. This year’s fortune is stable and belongs to a smooth year. In 2022, when renyin was in the prime of his life, water and trees grew together in this year, and the heavenly stems showed that Renshui was a good fortune. This year’s income was good, and the land was supported by Yin and Wu. He could be promoted by leaders in his work, and his fortune was good. By 2023, the year of Kuimao will be full of wealth stars. When the stars arrive, they will be more courageous and prosperous, and they can have foreign income.

from the perspective of the trend analysis of the Universiade, from 2021 to 2030, the Universiade will take the Yiyou movement. The combination of the Universiade is the God of food. The fortune is good and the ability to work is strong. I can also be a small leading cadre and so on. I can work hard. This Universiade has a good fortune.

in 2031, between the age of 41 and 50, the Universiade took the first-class and applied for the fortune. This was the official movement. The land branch Shenjin concealed Renshui Zhengcai. It was the best fortune and could make a fortune. It belonged to the glorious period of life. When we met the year of pig, mouse, monkey and chicken, we had a good fortune.

between the ages of 51 and 60, the great fortune has gone away, but it has not yet been carried out. It is suggested that we should seek stable development and not invest in partnership. It is easy to lose money in terms of friends, and the land has not been flushed, especially in the years of dragon, ox, sheep and dog. To sum up, he is expected to become rich in his middle age, stable in his later years and happy in his life.

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