Former Malaysian finance minister Lin Guanying arrested

China News Agency, Kuala Lumpur, August 6 (Xinhua) – Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission announced on the evening of 6 that Lin Guanying, Secretary General of Malaysia’s Democratic Action Party (DAP), who was Malaysia’s finance minister and chief minister of Penang state, has been arrested. He will face charges in connection with the Penang undersea tunnel project during his term as chief minister of Penang.

Penang undersea tunnel project is an integral part of Penang transportation blueprint proposed by Lin Guanying during his tenure as chief minister of Penang. The project plans to construct three highway projects and one undersea tunnel, with an estimated total cost of rm6.3 billion. However, the project has not yet started.

as early as 2018, the Anti Corruption Commission once suspected that Lin Guanying had taken bribes and made profits in this project and launched an investigation. In June, the Anti Corruption Commission announced that it had new evidence and reopened the investigation. Zhou Jinyan, the assistant of Lin Guanying when he was the chief minister of Penang, was arrested at the end of June. Several people who were then Penang’s administrative councillors, including Cao Guanyou, the current chief minister of Penang, were recently summoned by the Anti Corruption Commission to take confessions.

as the “leader” of the Democratic Action Party, an important member of the opposition hope alliance, Lin Guanying, 59, was appointed chief minister of Penang from 2008 to 2018. From May 2018 to February this year, Lin Guanying served as finance minister of Mahathir government during the period of the hope alliance.

at present, Penang is still in power of the hope alliance, and is one of the few states that are still in power after the fall of the Greek League government in February this year. How this case will develop in the future and what kind of political effect it will produce has been widely concerned by Malaysian society.

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