Foreign Ministry of Bahrain: UAE successfully prevents Israel from annexing Palestinian territory

The Foreign Ministry of Bahrain issued a statement on the evening of 13 local time, congratulating the United Arab Emirates on reaching an agreement with the United States and Israel to prevent Israel from annexing Palestinian territory. In the statement, Bahrain expressed appreciation for the “sincere diplomatic efforts” made by the United Arab Emirates and stressed that this historic step would help to strengthen peace and stability in the region. It also said that it expected all parties to continue to make efforts to eventually resolve the Palestinian Israeli conflict with a “just, comprehensive and long-term solution” However, the statement did not make specific comments on the normalization of bilateral relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. On the afternoon of 13th local time, the United Arab Emirates announced that it would normalize bilateral relations with Israel, and said that Israel agreed to stop annexing Palestinian territory. The UAE would become the first Arab state in the Gulf to normalize relations with Israel. 62538 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in India were confirmed to be 2 million.

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