Foreign media: the U.S. is in a dilemma due to political manipulation, and a failure is emerging

Foreign media said that the epidemic situation in the United States is the most serious in the world. Experts believe that the trump administration’s failure to act quickly to control the virus, the lack of coordination between the federal government and the states in response, and early detection errors are the primary reasons for so many cases in the United States. According to the US consumer news and business channel website on August 10, U.S. President trump urged Americans to stop politicizing the new coronavirus on the 10th local time, and a moment later, he blamed China for the outbreak in the United States. “We have to stop politicizing this virus, instead, we must unite to condemn how the virus came to the United States and the world,” trump said at a White House press conference on the new coronavirus pandemic. We’re going to find out, we’re going to find out, we’re very angry about that A moment later, trump accused China of dealing with the eviction of tenants due to the epidemic. He signed an executive order on August 8 to extend the federal government’s policy of protecting tenants from eviction after an order expired at the end of July. In racial terms, trump also said that nearly half of the people who died of the “Chinese virus” in the United States live in nursing homes and long-term care institutions. Data collected by Johns Hopkins University in the United States show that the new coronavirus has infected more than 20 million people around the world, resulting in at least 732128 deaths. The U.S. is the world’s worst, with more than 5 million cases and at least 162950 deaths, according to the University. Trump has repeatedly accused China of causing the epidemic and aggravating the epidemic in the United States. Earlier this year, trump announced that it would stop funding the World Health Organization, accusing it of “China centric.”. However, public health experts say the trump administration’s failure to act quickly to control the virus, the lack of coordination between the federal government and the states in response, and early testing errors are the primary reasons for so many cases in the United States. Trump also boasted on the 10th that the United States has made progress in response to the epidemic, saying that U.S. health officials continue to see “encouraging signs.”. In Florida and Texas, he said, the growth of new cases and the number of people hospitalized are falling. The United States continues to monitor Midwest states, where the proportion of new coronavirus tests positive has increased.

reported that novel coronavirus pneumonia increased from 4 million to 5 million in the US for only 17 days in August 10th, and the epidemic curve in the United States finally began to level off in August 10th. The U.S. still reports more than 50000 new cases a day, a huge number, but significantly less than the peak of more than 70000 cases from July 23 to 24, according to the report. < / P > < p > experts believe that the decline is due to changes in policy and public behavior in populous states – California, Texas, Florida and Arizona – after the summer epidemic intensified. Universal use of masks, keeping social distance and closing bars all worked. According to the report, even if the trend of the epidemic situation is low, the number of new cases per day is still very high. More needs to be done to bring the U.S. epidemic curve back to baseline. The novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths account for 22% of the total deaths worldwide, although the US population accounts for only 4% of the world’s total population,

reported. The model predicts that 200000 people will die of the new coronavirus in the United States by mid September. < / P > < p > experts have seen the next area of failure looming: some states are scrambling to reopen schools in hot spots, and this has been encouraged by the trump administration. Thomas Cai, a health expert at Harvard University, told AFP: “we saw the failure of the federal government leadership in personal protective equipment in the early days, we have seen their failure in testing again and again in terms of education policy.” According to the report, the cause of the summer epidemic is obvious, and experts have repeatedly stated that the states that were not seriously hit at first had complacency and relaxed containment measures prematurely, which were supported by trump. Washington, August 10 (Reuters) – a senior U.S. official confirmed to Reuters that the trump led government is considering taking a measure aimed at preventing the return of U.S. citizens and permanent residents suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus. According to the report, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, trump has formulated a series of immigration restrictions covering a wide range of areas, which not only stops some legal immigration, but also allows the U.S. border authorities to repatriate immigrants captured in border areas without going through standard judicial procedures.

according to novel coronavirus pneumonia in Providence, Rhode Island, August 10th, Providence health officials were subjected to abuse and violence threats, sometimes overworked, and dozens of health officials have resigned or been dismissed. Today, mask, siege and infection data are highly politically sensitive. < / P > < p > the most recent resignation occurred on the 9th. Sonia angel, the head of California’s health department, left the job after failing to report a large number of virus test results due to technical failures – the results of which are related to the decision to reopen businesses and schools. A survey by Kaiser health news network and associated press found that since April this year, at least 49 state and local heads of public health departments in the United States have resigned, retired or been dismissed. Tom Frieden, former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention, said the numbers were shocking. During this period, he said, it has been hard for the government to control the disease as well as the health authorities. LORI tremel Freeman, head of the National Association of county and city health officials, said public health experts are needed more than ever before, but at a time like this, a large number of health officials leave and are dismissed. According to the guardian website on August 10, medical and manufacturing experts said that if the U.S. government does not carry out strategic intervention, the shortage of personal protective clothing and other medical supplies may last for several years. Bernard Klein, director of a medical center in California, USA, said: “it was hard to get disinfectant wipes a few weeks ago. We actually have to produce it ourselves. ” Carmela Coyle, CEO of the California Hospital Association, believes that the supply shortage associated with the new outbreak will continue until 2022. According to the US political Daily website on August 10, US congressional leaders and the White House had a verbal battle on who should take responsibility for the deadlock in the negotiations on the epidemic relief bill, which once again shows that it seems difficult for the two parties to reach an agreement on revitalizing the economy quickly. In an article on social media, US President trump said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer “hope to meet and negotiate to reach an agreement.”. However, aides to both senior officials said the White House had not sent anyone to contact them since the talks broke down last week. On the other hand, Senate majority leader and Republican Mitch McConnell criticized Pelosi and Schumer for using the economic difficulties of millions of Americans to force trump and Republican senators to accept the agreement. However, Schumer refuted the Republican claim, saying that it was the high-level Republicans in the White House and the Senate that refused to compromise, which led to the United States’ inaction on such major issues as virus detection, education funding, and additional economic stimulus funds. After two weeks of unsuccessful closed door negotiations, talks between the White House and the top management broke down on the 7th, according to the report. Trump subsequently issued a series of administrative orders on the 8th, claiming that these orders can solve the economic crisis caused by the new epidemic. According to the US political Daily website on August 10, after the federal government injected about $3 trillion to support the spring and summer economy, the U.S. economy has only slight support this autumn, and may have to let it sink and fall – a major threat to President Trump’s situation, as he is about to start a campaign that has fallen behind in the polls. < / P > < p > negotiations on another large-scale financial aid program are still stalled, and those familiar with the negotiations have no hope of progress this week – perhaps even for the rest of the month. Most economists said that the impact of the administrative measures announced by trump on the 8th is limited, even if they can withstand potential legal and enforcement challenges. “We are increasingly concerned that the best stimulus the White House can take will never be fully operational and that the economy will be forced to float,” said Chris lapkey, chief financial economist at United Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. Washington is either powerless or unwilling to provide a “lifeline” to institutions and people who can’t survive – bankrupt state and local governments and millions of unemployed people. ” President of Belarus talks about Putin: like my brother, he is not an elder who gives orders

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