Foreign media said SMIC intends to acquire arm! Counterattack semiconductor blockade, see how the United States responds

The global semiconductor industry is facing unpredictable development trend due to the disturbance of the United States in the world. Looking back, semiconductor industry can develop in balance and fair competition at the R & D end, manufacturing end and consumer end. However, in the current situation, this harmony may be a cloud in the past. People familiar with mobile phone chips know arm, a company different from the general semiconductor company. They don’t sell chips. They sell chip design architecture, and they are very important in the world chip industry. Arm provides a micro architecture for more than 90% of mobile chips worldwide, and is a key player in the global semiconductor technology industry. Such as apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, Huawei, and joint development technology chip developers, as well as other chip developers, all need arm authorization if they want to design chips for their mobile devices. In 2016, Softbank group of Japan invested $32billion to buy chip IP giant arm. At that time, many analysis institutions believed that under the layout of sunjustice, the follow-up development of arm would be more smooth, but the result is not so simple at present. As a result of the excessive aggressive investment and the impact of the epidemic situation, Softbank has made a huge loss this year. More than ten companies invested have been bankrupt and bankrupt. Soft bank sold a large number of Alibaba and T-Mobile shares in the hands of it to raise funds under the circumstances of great helplessness. But obviously, the money is still not enough to close the losses, so recently Softbank is ready to give up arm and push the company, which has just four years of acquisition, onto the auction table. From the disclosed news, Samsung, apple and other well-known chip designers are not interested in acquiring arm, and the attitude of yingweida is still uncertain, so it is unclear who arm is sold to. According to foreign media reports, the latest news shows that, except for the largest chip manufacturer in the world, Taiwan electric power, and Foxconn, the world’s largest electronic OEM, are interested in investing in arm, the UK chip design company. Nowadays, Softbank and bankers have contacted several technology giants to discuss the potential arm sales. One person familiar with the matter also revealed that this Chinese company is the core international with the highest semiconductor chip manufacturing technology in China. In the past, China core international has obtained a lot of financing in the domestic science and Technology Innovation Board listing, and has obtained a lot of financing in key technology The investment in technology research and development has gradually become effective, so it is also interested in participating in arm merger and acquisition. If it can join the merger and acquisition, even if it can not give much impetus to the domestic semiconductor industry, arm will not cut off and cooperate with many Chinese chip companies including Huawei due to 100% of American capital in the future. It is a side attack against the US chip blockade. Therefore, the success of this operation is very valuable. But it is important to know that selling arm is just an option that Softbank is considering. In addition, Softbank is still studying whether arm will be re listed as early as next year. Other options include selling shares to a group of investors or investment companies, people familiar with the matter said. That is, Softbank will consider retaining some of arm’s shares, whether it is planned to sell or list. So for Huawei hish unicorn, it is not yet in the end of its future. Hayes bought the permanent use right of armv8 architecture before, and it can still be developed and upgraded on this basis. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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