Foreign media: President Lukashenko of Belarus has fled to Lithuania

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the 11th local time, the Lithuanian foreign ministry announced that the main opposition candidate, tihanovskaya, had entered the territory of Lithuania in the presidential election of Belarus. According to the associated press Minsk on August 11, Lithuanian foreign minister Linas linkvichus said that the main opposition candidate in Belarus’s presidential election had fled her country and was now “safe” in Lithuania. < p > < p > linkvicus made the statement on twitter on the 11th of local time. Earlier, Svetlana tihanovskaya refused to admit her defeat in the election on the 9th and denounced the official election results as a lie because it showed that the current president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka, had won an overwhelming victory. According to the report, tihanovskaya formally submitted a recount request to the Central Election Commission of Belarus on the 10th. After asking for a recount on the 10th, dihanovskaya said: “I have made a decision. I have to be with my children.” Earlier, she sent her child to an unspecified European country. According to Reuters Minsk, August 11. Bihanovskaya, the opposition presidential candidate of Belarus, denied on the 11th that she was forced to leave Belarus, which contradicts the statement of his campaign team. She also said the decision on whether to leave was very difficult. In addition, according to AFP Minsk on August 11, bihanovskaya, Challenger of the election in Belarus, said in a video on the 11th that she had made a difficult decision to leave her country for Lithuania. Skip to content

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