Experts say Spain is once again in an “emergency” state

Beijing, August 12 (Xinhua) according to Agence France Presse reported on the 11th, only seven weeks after the first wave of new crown epidemic was controlled, the epidemic situation in Spain deteriorated again. Experts say Spain is once again in a state of “emergency” and must do its best to contain the epidemic before it gets worse. Spain declared a state of emergency on March 14, banning people from going out unnecessarily and closing most shops. The state of emergency has since been extended several times. With the improvement of the epidemic situation, Spain officially lifted the state of emergency on June 21. However, since the first week of July, there has been a surge in infections in Spain, in part because of the government’s “rush” to open up the economy, “certainly with regard to tourism,” which is the backbone of Spain’s economy, said Joan Kaila, head of the Barcelona tuberculosis investigation team. At present, the investigation group is mainly concerned with the new coronavirus. The surge in cases of < / P > < p > infection has led to a growing number of countries restricting travel to Spain. At present, Spain has confirmed nearly 323000 new crown cases. According to official data, the AFP statistics show that in the past seven days, an average of 4923 new crown cases have been added in Spain every day, which is higher than that of the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy combined. < / P > < p > “this is an emergency and we are at a time when things can get better or worse,” said Salvadoran markpu, a health science expert at the Open University of Catalonia. “It means we have to do our best to contain the epidemic before it gets worse,” he said < / P > < p > markup added that since the beginning of the summer harvest season, there have been several outbreaks of cluster infections among seasonal farm workers, who usually live in crowded environments, accelerating the increase in cases. He also said that warm weather began to make people “relax” and promote a “perfect storm”. < / P > < p > markup said the best way to control infection is to do more testing, public education, and hire more people to track contacts – all three of which are “flawed.”. < / P > < p > according to the Spanish Ministry of health, there are currently more than 500 infection clusters in Spain. Simon Simon, the Emergency Coordinator of the Ministry of health, said on the 11th that some cases of community-based transmission “are not well controlled”, but he said these cases have “gradually subsided” in recent days. The Spanish government also said more cases were found because more tests were in progress. So far, there have been about 7.5 million tests, with 407700 last week alone. Huawei Yu Chengdong: Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, carrying the “out of print” Kirin’s latest 5g chip

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