Europe’s largest telecom operators suddenly stop! After Germany and France expressed their views on Huawei, Britain’s attitude reversed again

According to reports, Deutsche Telekom, Europe’s largest telecom company, said it would suspend the purchase of the required telecom network equipment until Germany had a clear answer to the supplier’s choice. Coincidentally, the UK’s choice of 5g network equipment providers is uncertain. According to British media reported on December 4, at a recent Multi Country summit held in Europe, the UK was asked about the choice of 5g network suppliers. Britain said that it has always been good faith in overseas investment, but the final decision will depend on the absolute stability of British equipment and the cooperation with the “five eyes alliance”, which are the key criteria for selection. It is not difficult to see that Britain’s attitude has been shaken again.

by contrast, British Telecom operators have a very thorough view and firmly choose Huawei 5g network equipment with high cost performance. It is reported that British Telecom operators, including EE, Vodafone and 3 Telecom, have opened 5g services in the UK and have chosen Huawei’s equipment. Vodafone, the world’s second-largest telecom operator, has said Huawei 5g will make UK companies a global leader. If you win the way, you will get more help, but if you do not, you will not be able to help. Recently, Huawei has been supported by two major European economies due to the successive selection of Huawei 5g equipment by several European operators and Huawei’s repeated sincerity. According to media reports on November 28, France said it would never stigmatize a particular operator or its country. It is reported that there are three major 5g equipment manufacturers in France, of which Huawei occupies 25% of the market. Almost at the same time, Germany said in parliament that it called on European countries to reach a common line on the next generation of 5g mobile network and set up a unified and specialized department to provide authentication, so as to avoid unnecessary concerns of countries.

Maybe it is Australia, which has been firmly refusing to accept Huawei, which is more and more influenced by other friendly countries’ choice of Huawei. Now, the voice of domestic protest against this practice is becoming louder. According to Australian media on December 2, the key to maintaining productivity growth in the future is to use 5g, and Huawei can provide the best 5g equipment. For example, after using 5g equipment of other brands, the 5g network tested by Australian operators is 50MB / s. Although the speed is greatly increased, the network speed ratio tested by Huawei equipment is four times lower than that tested by Huawei equipment, because the network speed tested by Huawei in London, UK is 250MB / s. If the network speed is not fast enough, the biggest consequence is to affect the development of 5g industry. Huawei pointed out that if the decision is upheld, Australia will fall behind in the global 5g competition. In addition, the cost of Australian operators will also increase by 20% – 40%.

not only that, Australia will lose a lot of jobs and a lot of investment. Huawei said it was considering withdrawing a billion dollar investment in Australia and cutting 1500 local jobs. Against this background, there have been voices of opposition in Australia. Vodafone, Australia’s largest telecom operator, said it could only build 5g infrastructure from scratch, increasing costs for businesses and consumers because it had been using Huawei’s 5g communications equipment. As the voice of the west to support Huawei grows stronger, Huawei may go more and more smoothly in the international market.

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