European experts and people: the US tiktok overseas edition hurts the world

shocked when she heard that the 23 year old Shauna McMahon heard the overseas version of China Mobile’s tiktok. The Irish college student said: “tiktok is harmless overseas, people just play their creativity.” There are a lot of people who share McMahon’s ideas. In the eyes of many European experts and netizens, the United States used false charges to threaten the ban on overseas tiktok, because of protectionism and monopoly of technology. The US crackdown on Chinese technology enterprises will not only affect hundreds of millions of ordinary users of these software, but also have a negative impact on the future development of the global economy. Tiktok tiktok, China’s

President Trump signed an executive order on 6 July, which mentioned that the overseas version of mobile apps tremble overseas poses a threat to us national security. It will prohibit any American individual or entity from trading with overseas Chinese version of its voice and its parent company after 45 days. Trump signed China’s administrative order 14 days, asking the Chinese tiktok company to divestiture all rights and interests of overseas version in the US within 90 days. < / P > < p > the US approach has been questioned by European experts in relevant fields. Belgian echo tiktok quoted the famous French expert Baptiste Robert in security field as saying that after analyzing the overseas version of the program, no abnormalities were found. < p > < p > Robert said that it is common for apps to get information from users’ devices, and similar codes can be found in mobile applications such as Facebook and photo wall in the United States. “As everyone knows, the overseas version of the tiktok is respected by local laws, and the same is true of social media like Facebook and twitter,” said Mao Xu, chief economist at

‘s National Institute of economic and social research. He said the US tiktok ban is not based on national security but protectionism, which is aimed at improving the market dominance of US technology companies. Liu Ling, a commercial lawyer at the German branch of Amway shundelon international law firm, told Xinhua that the United States often abused the extensive intervention power granted by the international emergency economic power act and formulated its foreign economic policies. Karl Fei, a professor of international business at the University of Alto in Finland, also expressed concern about the measures taken by the United States against Chinese enterprises. Philippine told Xinhua news agency that the ban on overseas version of the tiktok made the United States abandon free competition and embark on the road of isolation and discrimination against certain countries.

European public opinion also believes that the US’s tiktok overseas version will ultimately hurt its own interests and threaten the global market. The Financial Times recently reported that the dependence of the US technology industry on China is underestimated. The science and technology industries of China and the United States are closely linked. If they are decoupled, “it will bring huge economic losses to hundreds of American science and technology enterprises”. Tiktok overseas has become one of the most popular apps for young people in the world in just a few years in

. Recently, the data analysis firms released the data from the US “induction tower” tiktok, and as of now, overseas downloads of voice overseas have been more than 2 billion times, of which 165 million in the US.

Internet users and even “net red” have recently voicing their voices through various channels to express their support for tiktok’s overseas version and their opposition to the US ban. Nicholas Kovacic, a 19 year old student in Italy, said that the overseas version of

tiktok has created a positive communication platform for people to unite and reduce false news.

Lithuania rappers Saiki told Xinhua that tiktok overseas is now the best application for young people to show their talents. “You can just stay home and show creativity and let the whole world see you.”

Michael Le from Britain is a video creator who has about 36 million 300 thousand fans in the tiktok overseas edition. In a video, he called the overseas version of the tiktok “the only channel of optimism in the 2020 global tragedy”. “It helps a lot of people to build their own businesses, including me, to support our families, express our views and bring joy to our fans.” Said Le. Micha Witkovski, who has 790 thousand of the

‘s followers, said in an interview with Xinhua news agency that the ban on the US will inevitably hurt the producers and users of the tiktok overseas version of Poland. Russian players in the U.S. Open welcome and retreat: security is not guaranteed, going to the United States is uncomfortable

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