Eating walnuts during pregnancy may contribute to the development of fetal brain. Pregnant mothers should not miss these three weeks

After pregnancy, if the right amount of walnut is eaten, it can also help the fetal brain to develop better, so the baby will be more intelligent after birth, because walnut contains a lot of nutrients, especially DHA, so it can help the fetal brain development. But women also need to pay attention to time to eat walnuts during pregnancy, not to say that the more you eat, the better. So when in the end to eat walnut effect will be better? Next, we might as well learn about it with Xiaobian.

Why does it not mean that the more walnuts a woman eats, the better the effect will be? Because walnut contains not only DHA, but also fat content. Therefore, mothers to be eat too much walnuts may be easy to gain weight. At the same time, it may have adverse effects on fetal brain development. Therefore, mothers to be must choose to supplement walnuts at the appropriate time during pregnancy.

therefore, mothers to be need to master the critical period of fetal growth and development. In this period, walnut supplement can achieve better results. Moreover, we all know that a woman’s pregnancy will last about 10 months. During this period, three months are particularly important for the brain development of the fetus and baby. Therefore, in these three periods of time, mothers to be will have better results It is necessary to supplement walnuts in time. These three gestational weeks are respectively in the 8th, 20th and 30th weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, if mothers to be supplement walnuts in time during these three periods, they can help the fetal baby’s brain develop better.

so what time in the day can mothers to be eat walnuts to get the best effect? Is it better to eat in the morning or at night? In fact, it is better for the mother to be to eat walnuts after eating every day, because this stage is the fastest stage for the human body to absorb nutrition. Therefore, in this stage, the mother-in-law can absorb more nutrition contained in walnuts after supplementing walnuts, so as to help the fetal brain develop better.

at the same time, mothers to be can’t eat too much walnuts during pregnancy, because it’s easy for expectant mothers to gain weight, and it will also have adverse effects on the fetus. Therefore, under normal circumstances, mothers to be can eat five or six walnuts a day, but if the expectant mother has constipation or is on fire, they should not eat walnuts for the time being 。

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