Double in five years? The growing female player market, even steel manufacturers are attracted

Four years ago, “glory of the king”, three years ago, “love and producer” and “travelling frog”, more and more games with low threshold and emotional interaction became popular overnight, which gave birth to the rapid growth of Chinese women to the game market.

during this year’s epidemic, female players living at home spent a lot of time playing and socializing in the games, and their overall monthly living reached an astonishing high of 390 million.

more and more manufacturers are engaged in the business of tapping the consumption potential of female players. Because female players have more delicate and rich emotions, and have a higher sense of identity and substitution for virtual roles, compared with male players who shout for fighting and killing and pay more attention to the improvement of numerical value, the high immersion game experience based on their own preference and consumption for love has become a female oriented game created by manufacturers today First choice.

but recently, I read a report that shows that, according to the public data, among the game types with the fastest growth rate of female players from 2019 to 2020, the female players in the game of hang up and simulated operation will soar exponentially.

this kind of game doesn’t need too much time for girls to play. With a simple arrangement, they can put down their mobile phones and do other things they want to do, such as chasing dramas and dressing up

recently, the 360 game, which has always been a straight man of iron and steel, has taken out a healing game called hamster story dessert baking house, which integrates the above three elements of hang up, simulation management and sprouting into this game.

Kay, the hamster played by the player, inherited more than 300 dessert recipes from her grandmother hamster, and determined to become the largest dessert baking house in the forest.

so it found more than 50 hamster shop assistants with different abilities and strengths to add bricks to his dessert master mengjiawa. Some of these hamsters are very homey and suitable for studying the color matching of different food materials. Some like to dance, let her to mix drinks, in a flash, a cup of delicious finished. Some hamsters are good at taking risks and can be sent to explore new ingredients

and you, as the head of a dessert shop, share all the things you have in hand. Naturally, you will have more time to observe the animals coming and going.

in this fairy tale world, every animal has its own story behind it. If you talk to Mrs. squirrel, she may sew fashionable clothes for you; if you send a dessert to Hedgehog owner in an antique shop, he may tell you the whereabouts of the mysterious food materials.

in a word, there is not too much pressure in this game. If you want to play it, if you don’t have time to go online, there will also be clerks who collect good ingredients and watch the store according to your requirements. The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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