Do not want to delay the development of the fetus, relieve pregnancy vomiting is urgent, these tips quick collection

Some pregnant mothers know that vomiting is a bit of a torment. Pregnancy vomiting is a reaction in the early pregnancy, will not know when the sudden arrival, so that mothers can not prevent, this is a normal phenomenon.

the severity of pregnancy vomiting will be different degrees of reaction according to different people’s physique. As long as it is within the normal range, it will not affect the baby. Therefore, mothers to be should not worry. Although some times will affect the mother’s appetite, but the mother should not choose not to eat Oh, the development of the fetus or mother to provide adequate nutrition.

pregnancy vomiting reaction will more or less affect the mother’s diet, so how to solve it? In fact, mother can choose some of their favorite flavor of food, and light based, try to avoid those food that makes you want to vomit.

in addition, you can also eat more foods with high vitamin content, eat less food and drink more water. Here also remind the family, know what food will aggravate the mother’s pregnancy and vomiting reaction, do not put these things at home.

don’t be depressed and don’t want to move because of pregnancy and vomiting. Mothers can choose some gentle sports that are suitable for early pregnancy, such as going out for a walk in the park. Taking a slow walk is a very good choice.

it can not only enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, but also avoid premature weight gain, and has a certain effect on relieving pregnancy vomiting. Of course, at this time, the family must also be around, safety is the first, to let the family accompany, so as to avoid any small accidents.

pregnancy vomiting is a bit of a torment. At this time, mother must adjust her mood and let herself relax. Don’t let her be in a bad mood because of her reaction.

this is the time to reflect the value of the father. The father must help the mother to solve the trouble and relax. When the mother is in a good mood, the fetus can develop better.

therefore, mothers can relieve their anxiety by diverting their attention, such as talking to the baby in their belly, listening to their favorite music, going shopping with their father, and so on. They can choose some things that can divert your attention and focus on doing. I believe that the pregnant and vomiting reaction will soon be forgotten by you.

during pregnancy, the mother’s body will have a variety of reactions, but the most important thing is to have a good mood, accompanied by family members and spend the time together.

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