Die online! “Two faces” of University of New South Wales in Australia

Australia, one of the “five eye alliance”, followed the United States as a “pawn” and repeatedly hyped the issue. The University of New South Wales (NSW) in the country, on the one hand, talks about China’s internal affairs, while on the other hand, it welcomes Chinese students with “full smile”, gradually revealing “two faces”.

on July 31, a Hong Kong related article was published on the official website of the University of New South Wales, which quoted a large number of the views of Elaine Pearson, a professor of the University of New South Wales. Its core argument was that “the international community needs to put pressure on China to end its misdeeds in Hong Kong”, and slandered the Chinese government for “violating human rights in Hong Kong”. The article also called on the United Nations to send so-called “special envoys” to observe and monitor the human rights issues in Hong Kong.

Chinese students account for 30% of all students in UNSW. As soon as twitter was sent out, the students immediately left a message expressing their strong dissatisfaction, pointing out that “this is a naked interference in China’s internal affairs.”. “This is the first time I feel ashamed that I am a student in Xinnan,” according to the Global Times English station The official account of

‘s Australian study abroad strongly condemned the school’s practice. Several articles were widely disseminated in the Australian study circle, and overseas students quickly organized more than one protest group. Some students wrote to the Chinese consulate to express their demand for the university to delete the article and apologize.

a foreign student left a message saying, “Hong Kong is always a part of China. Don’t gossip about China’s internal affairs. Just to remind you: most of the international students in your school are from China. As far as I know, they are very patriotic. Continuing to make such bad remarks will destroy your school. ”

“the University actively courted Chinese students on China’s social media, and publicly supported ‘Hong Kong troublemakers’ on twitter. This is a false and double faced behavior. I am ashamed of my university.” A new South student, who did not want to be named, told reporters.

it is undoubtedly a great insult to Chinese students and a great disrespect for their feelings to express their opposition on sensitive issues. According to reports, the University quickly deleted two related tweets, but Chinese students didn’t buy it.

with the continuous stream of criticism, the school immediately “looked for compensation” and followed a tweet declaring that “opinions released by our scholars do not always represent our school’s position. For 60 years, we have always attached great importance to our relations with China.”

schools are also under pressure from some Australian politicians. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australian federal education minister Dan tehan called on the school to “protect” after deleting tweets. After the “sudden change of attitude”, the University was also criticized by several members of Parliament, saying that “the academic freedom of the university has not been guaranteed.”

according to the Sydney Morning Herald on July 5, executives of several Australian enterprises and university presidents jointly launched the “welcome to Australia” campaign. The University of New South Wales responded positively, and several senior executives and professors including the president “raised their cards to welcome” Chinese students.

during the epidemic, some Australian politicians and media called the new coronavirus “the Chinese virus”, maliciously tampered with the patterns of the Chinese national flag and national emblem; many overseas Chinese in Australia suffered verbal insults and even siege injuries; some Chinese and Asian families’ property was damaged, and Chinese and Asian Americans suffered unfair treatment in their daily work; in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other cities, many of them were injured Graffiti or words with the meaning of racial discrimination against China appeared in the city.

in response, in early June, the Ministry of culture and tourism of China issued a notice to remind Chinese tourists not to travel to Australia; the Ministry of education also issued an early warning for Australia to study abroad. In June 5th, novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in Australia, the

said that the phenomenon of racial discrimination and violence in Chinese mainland has increased significantly. The Ministry of culture and tourism reminds Chinese tourists to improve their safety awareness and not to travel to Australia.

on June 9, the Ministry of Education issued the No. The Ministry of education reminds the majority of overseas students to do a good job in risk assessment and choose to study in Australia or return to Australia.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying pointed out on July 13 that Australia always talks about opposing foreign interference, and even abuses the anti foreign interference law at home to intimidate Chinese students, experts or relevant personnel, and even take inappropriate and offensive actions. On the other hand, they have repeatedly interfered with the Chinese government in handling Hong Kong related issues in accordance with the law. On the one hand, they oppose Hong Kong’s national security legislation, on the other hand, they demand that Hong Kong people going to Australia should pass the national security test of Australia. The unabashed hypocrisy and naked double standards of Australia are amazing.

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