Didn’t it ruin my reputation? Cleaning and maintenance of customers’ computers found fault: you steal my hard disk!

Everyone is familiar with computer cleaning and maintenance. For computers, dust cleaning and maintenance is a very important thing. Regular cleaning and maintenance of computers will not only improve the use experience of computers, but also extend the service life of computers. Of course, some friends will also raise their eyebrows. Computers have not been cleaned up since they were bought. They are still used well. In fact, this is only a small impact However, the vast majority of computers have an impact, especially for the computer that often plays games, cleaning maintenance is very necessary. At least, it affects the quality and fluency of the computer game, and even causes the computer to burn out. In the hot summer, too much dust on the computer and dry silicone grease will lead to some abnormal phenomena in the computer. I met today I came to a customer to clean up and maintain the computer. He came in the morning and came to me at noon with the computer. He said that I had stolen the memory module of his computer. I was really more unjust than Zhang Yuhuan. What’s the matter? < / P > < p > the customer’s computer is a laptop. The customer described that the FPS of the computer would drop sharply when the computer was playing games. During the game, the fan would turn severely. After playing for a long time, the computer would prompt that the temperature was high. In serious cases, the game would flash back. He checked the information on the Internet, which was caused by the lack of dust cleaning maintenance, but he was not very good Yes, so I came here with my computer. For the situation described by the customer, this is also a phenomenon that I often encounter. As the customer inquires, this is really caused by the computer without dust cleaning maintenance. < / P > < p > then I cleaned and maintained the customers’ computers. For the cleaning and maintenance of notebook computers, it’s a little troublesome. The trouble is to dismantle the machines. This is a technical work. A few computers can carry out cleaning and maintenance by directly dismantling the B shell. However, for some computers, it is more troublesome to dismantle the whole machine for cleaning and maintenance, and the customer’s computers need to be disassembled more easily , we directly use a cross screw driver to remove the screws, and then remove the D shell. At this time, it should be noted that each screw removed should correspond to the hole position, and it should not be misplaced. < p > < p > after D shell is removed, the first step is to power off the battery. Dust cleaning maintenance mainly refers to cleaning the dust on the surface of radiator and filter screen. Maintenance refers to replacing the silicone grease on the surface of CPU, graphics card and heat conducting copper tube. Then observe the screws around the radiator and heat conducting copper tube, and gradually remove the screws. It should be noted that silicone grease is not suitable If it is too much, it should not be too few. It should be even and appropriate. After cleaning and maintenance, we should also install the screws in the reverse order just removed. Pay attention to that the screws must not be installed wrong. < / P > < p > soon, I did a good job in cleaning and maintenance of the computer. The customer played the game test on the spot, and the results did change a lot. The customer was very satisfied and left soon! At about 11 o’clock in the afternoon, he brought his computer with him. The customer came to me to ask for trouble. He said, “boss, how can you change people’s things in business? I don’t know computer, but you can’t steal my memory, right? At that time, I was a little confused. The cleaning and maintenance were carried out in front of the customer. I didn’t move the memory module at all. Now I say that I have replaced his memory module. It won’t depend on me, right? At that time, the customer turned on the computer, and then opened the computer to the system properties. You can look at the picture and install 8g of memory. There is 6.93g available. Therefore, the customer said that I stole his memory, and the customer asked me to compensate for his memory. At that time, I was really laughing, and Xiaobai was really scared! < / P > < p > when it comes to the installed memory of a computer, this is also something that Xiaobai does not understand. I will explain to you that the installed memory refers to the actual capacity of the memory, and the available memory refers to the memory used by the computer. However, the installed memory is not all recognized and used by the computer. Generally, if the computer memory is an integrated graphics card, the integrated graphics card will be used Part of the memory capacity is related to the number of system bits. The memory capacity recognized by 32-bit operating system does not exceed 4G, and the capacity recognized by 64 bit operating system can be identified arbitrarily. In addition, poor contact, damage and incompatibility of memory modules will also cause the memory capacity of the computer to become smaller. For the memory of the customer’s computer, this is normal It’s not that I stole the memory module. < / P > < p > I explained to the customer for a long time, and the customer found out the reason. Later, he apologized to me. I thought about it carefully. Fortunately, the customer came in time, and I explained it to him face-to-face. Otherwise, it would be really damaging my reputation to say I was behind my back! So when you encounter problems, you must be rational and don’t take others’ thinking so seriously. If you wronged others because you don’t understand them, you will be wronged and jailed for so many years just like Zhang Yuhuan said on the Internet recently. 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