Did Yang Yuanqing want Huawei to pay for Yang Yuanqing’s “wrong” decision? Netizen angry: with what

“Huawei, China has a bright future”. If we say that Huawei is a very excellent Chinese enterprise, I believe you will not deny this fact. Indeed, Huawei’s development in recent years is very rapid. Whether it is the achievements made in the mobile phone business or in the field of communication, it can be said that Huawei has made great progress in the world through its own technical strength The world fully shows itself.

and we know that Huawei can achieve such achievements not only by its own ability, but also by cooperating with other technology companies. Although Huawei did rely on other technology companies to promote its development in the early stage, it seems that Huawei no longer needs too many from the current development situation of Huawei Relying on other technology companies can make a difference on their own.

if you want to ask Huawei which field has the most brilliant technical strength, maybe it is Huawei’s 5g technology. At the time when the 5g era is coming, Huawei can be said to be the first to take the absolute voice of 5g technology. Although the United States has “envied” Huawei’s 5g technology, it has even “devalued” Huawei’s 5g technology However, it did not “give up” the continued expansion of 5g market. Relying on its indomitable spirit, Huawei once won more than 50 orders. From this, it can be seen that during the period of being suppressed by the “United States”, Huawei made a lot of efforts to prove its 5g technical strength to other countries.

but again, although Huawei has won a certain voice in 5g technology, Huawei has been “eliminated” in the formulation of 5g standards. To ask why Huawei has lost the right to formulate 5g standards, we should start with the “5g vote”.

when we talk about “5g voting”, maybe the first thing you think about is Lenovo. It can be said that if Yang Yuanqing did not make a “wrong” decision, Huawei would not have lost the right to formulate 5g standards. If Yang Yuanqing did not “kneel and lick” Qualcomm, Huawei would not have to pay the company about 3000 yuan a year. This is the place of Huawei At least 300 billion yuan will be lost every year, thanks to Lenovo.

, it is also precisely because Yang Yuanqing made such a “wrong” decision. Many netizens feel very dissatisfied with HUAWEI’s decision to make complaints about Yang Yuanqing’s “mistake”. Many netizens “Tucao”: “what is HUAWEI’s intention to pay for Yang Yuanqing’s” mistake “decision? Is this unfair to HUAWEI? It is clearly not Huawei’s fault, but Huawei should bear the “consequences”. Anyone who does it thinks this is unreasonable.

but then again, although Lenovo’s reputation is very bad, Lenovo is just a brand. The reason why Lenovo has fallen to such a level is not Lenovo’s fault, but Yang Yuanqing’s “wrong” leader. It is not so much Lenovo’s refusal to accept people’s attention that it is better to say that Yang Yuanqing is unpopular. After all, Lenovo’s “decision-making power” is in control Yang Yuanqing’s hand. Therefore, Xiaobian wants to ask you, how do you think of Yang Yuanqing’s “wrong” decision and asking Huawei to pay for it?

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