Denmark has added 169 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases to 14611 cases nationwide.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in Denmark on August 8th, 169 new cases confirmed by Denmark’s National Health Council on August 8th. This is the highest number of new infections since April, of which 79 cases are in Denmark, the city of Denmark. 14611 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were reported in China. There were 617 death cases. At present, 25 patients are hospitalized, 2 of them are in intensive care unit, and 2 patients need ventilator. A total of 1257118 people were tested in China. < / P > < p > according to the Danish radio and television station, 22 new cases have been added to the Danish crown slaughterhouse in Linstead and they have decided to temporarily close down for a week. A total of 142 employees in the slaughterhouse were infected, and all employees were required to isolate themselves for a week. Privacy Policy

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