Deadlock in relations between South Korea and North Korea

Standing on the beach of Shimao island in Incheon, Han Dehao, a villager, said he was “very scared”. He said he hoped that South Korea and North Korea would ease relations and not affect the normal life of ordinary people. < p > < p > located in the northwest corner of South Korea, Shimao island is one of the nearest South Korean islands to North Korea. It takes only 20 minutes by boat to reach the DPRK. Recently, the Ministry of unification of South Korea invited some foreign media in South Korea to visit border villages. < / P > < p > walk up to Shimao island with a row of muddy bottles on the bank. Han Dehao, a villager who has been living on the island for many years, told reporters that some South Korean folk groups felt that they would throw bottles into the sea and so on, so as to deliver the keepsake to the DPRK side, “but most of the bottles can’t get there, they will be washed back to the shore.”. For many years, some conservative groups in South Korea have chosen to deliver bottles, leaflets, etc. to North Korea in border areas. In June this year, North Korea protested that South Korea allowed “defectors” to distribute anti North Korean leaflets to the north, cut off the communication lines between the two Koreas and bombed the inter Korean liaison office. As a result, South Korea DPRK relations deteriorated rapidly. In an interview with reporters, Cui Minji, village head of ximaori village, said in an interview that from past experience, if South Korean personnel deliver keepsakes to North Korea, North Korea will generally take corresponding measures to respond; although there are signs of easing in recent years, there is still a tense atmosphere in the area. Li Cairen, a villager of sanshanmian village on the island, is most worried about the economy. He said that the region is a tourist area, and the epidemic has hit the tourism industry hard. If the relations between South Korea and North Korea continue to deteriorate, it will be more difficult for the regional economy to recover. In his opinion, the delivery of materials or letters from South Korea to North Korea is “of no practical significance” and he hopes to stop this behavior, “which is also the protection of our lives”. < / P > < p > South Korean officials have repeatedly stated that they will spread leaflets and goods to the North Korea, aggravate the tension between the two Koreas and threaten the security of the people, and will severely punish the groups and individuals involved. However, a number of non-governmental organizations protested against this, saying that the right of free expression was damaged. Public opinion disputes are also seriously divided. Supporters of the government believe that peace on the Korean Peninsula should be promoted and stimulating behavior should be avoided; opposition opinions point out that the government should not restrict the behavior of civil society organizations. In an interview with reporters, Li Zhongzhu, director of the humanitarian Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of unification of the Republic of Korea, said in an interview that the heads of the ROK and the DPRK had signed agreements such as the Panmunjom declaration and reached a consensus on not increasing regional tensions; they had applied for the “revocation of legal person’s qualification” for a number of non-governmental organizations that illegally distributed leaflets to the DPRK, hoping that the non-governmental organizations would abide by the government regulations. Li Zhongzhu said that freedom “is not borderless” and will seek a balanced way to solve the problem on the basis of promoting the peace process on the peninsula and safeguarding civil rights. India has more than 60000 cases for the first time and over 2 million cases have been diagnosed

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