Customers with high difficulty computer configuration sheet to computer shop installation machine was rejected, customer: no ability to open shop!

In the past, many people used to tell the shop owners about the needs and installation budget of computers. Computer shops designed computers that could meet the needs of customers within the price range of customers’ assembly computers. In this case, computer shops must assume the responsibility that customers’ computers can’t meet their needs. With the continuous development and progress of society, today’s traditional mode of installation and communication has changed. Many people who choose to assemble computers in physical stores like to write or bring their own computer configuration list to install computers according to the list. Assembling computers according to the configuration list is certainly simple, and assembling computers according to the configuration list will not bear any responsibility for computer performance, for the computer physical store It’s nothing more than having enough computer hardware of different brands and models on the market. Because each customer’s ability to write configuration list is not the same, so the rationality of the configuration list is not the same. Some customers’ own computer configuration list is really hard to figure out, and even some computer configuration list can be used for the above entertainment programs.

this set of computer configuration sheet is brought to our store by the customer and asked to install the computer according to the order. There are a lot of contents in this computer configuration list. It can be seen that the customer has paid great attention and the problems considered by the customer are quite comprehensive. This computer configuration sheet is divided into three parts, with the contents as follows:

this customer has brought his own configuration, even the price of the computer, To tell you the truth, none of the physical stores can handle the price of the configuration list. When I saw the motherboard model of the computer with this configuration, I didn’t want to continue to look down. It was a waste of time. I estimated that the customer confused the i9 processor with the R9 processor. The h410m motherboard supports the 10 generation i9 processor. I told him that the computer with this configuration could not be assembled, but the customer said that he did My friend is a computer assembled according to this set of configuration. I am not willing to say anything more to him, because my channel simply can not meet his installation price, so I directly reply that the assembly can not be done. At this time, the customer says, “what store can I open if I have no ability to do it?”.

the computer configuration of the customer is not reasonable. The unreasonable place is not only the CPU mismatch of the motherboard. The Hangjia gs400 power supply is 300W power supply, which is absolutely insufficient power consumption. Secondly, a high-end CPU such as r9-3950x is equipped with a garbage video card, which obviously violates the big taboo of high u card and low card in U card collocation. Finally, the hard disk does not meet the requirements. The customer has to manage six Monitoring did not choose high-capacity mechanical hard disk, a 1t solid-state disk can not meet its needs. I think this sentence should be I said: do not write computer configuration sheet if you have no ability.

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