Clinical trials of three candidate vaccines for new crown in South Korea

According to Yonhap news agency, South Korea’s epidemic prevention department said on the 13th that three new coronavirus candidate vaccines under development in China are expected to enter clinical trials within this year. The government is providing support for the development of the three vaccines, with the goal of developing vaccines between the second half of 2020 and 2022. According to the report, “candidate vaccine” is a phased achievement in the early stage of vaccine development, and is also the raw material for pilot production and clinical trials. At the press conference on the same day, the Minister of copy of the central anti epidemic strategy headquarters of the Republic of Korea introduced the progress of the above-mentioned vaccine research and development in South Korea. He said clinical trials of three candidate vaccines are expected to be conducted within the year to assess their safety and effectiveness. According to the introduction of the countermeasures department, the three candidate vaccines are one protein vaccine “synthetic antigen vaccine” and two genetic vaccines. Protein vaccine is currently developed by SK biomedical technology, while DNA vaccine is developed by genexine and geneone, a Korean biotechnology company. Among them, genexine’s candidate vaccine was first approved for phase 1 / 2A clinical trial on June 11, and the other two companies are also verifying the efficacy and toxicity of the candidate vaccine through animal tests. Trump posted that “children are immune to the new crown” was deleted from Facebook and twitter

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