Choose mobile phone no longer tangled, Angou rabbit in July cost performance list announced, millet is still the first choice

“Cost performance” can actually run through many industries. Most ordinary consumers will choose products with high cost performance when purchasing goods, and the same is true in the smartphone industry. Xiaomi used to rely on its unique cost-effective route to go out of its own line, which also benefited many consumers. More and more brands joined this camp. Now many consumers will have difficulty in choosing. After all, there are too many products. At this time, the list of rabbit and rabbit will have a certain reference effect.

cost performance ratio is the ratio between the performance value and the price value of a commodity. It is a quantitative measurement method reflecting the purchasing degree of an item. The primary condition for users to choose a cost-effective mobile phone is whether its performance and configuration are worth the price. An Tu Tu Tu also said: “this price performance ranking is only considered from the performance and price of mobile phones, and does not include the factors such as the design, workmanship and photography of mobile phones.”. Finally, the factors of buying a machine should be considered from many aspects. It is the best to think that what suits you is the best. You can learn from experience and listen to your heart.

the medium and low-end mobile phone market within 1500 yuan is basically redmi’s territory. Few brands can compete with it in terms of extreme cost performance. According to the data provided by Angou rabbit, redmi note 8 Pro has become the most cost-effective product at this price. It is worthy of its name. With high appearance and high configuration, the global shipping volume has already exceeded 30 million. Awesome 9X and Redmi 9A are ranked second and third respectively, with Kirin 810 chip pre installed, while the latter is the most powerful hundred product.

the midrange market of RMB 1500 to RMB 2000 basically covers 5g. However, some 4G models last year have achieved good sales after the price reduction. The new redmi 10x Standard Version ranks first in this price. With the inherent advantages of MediaTek Tianji 820, the performance of redmi K30 is almost unbeatable in the same price position 5g speed version ranked second, with large memory and high performance and good price; glory 20 Pro ranked third. Vivo and oppo are also on the list.

the market competition of medium and high-end mobile phones above 2000 yuan is fierce. 5g has become the mainstream. Of course, there are also some 4G products with high cost performance. Iqoo Z1 is the most worth buying machine at this price. MediaTek Tianji 1000 + chip, dual speakers, high refresh rate and super fast charging have obvious advantages. After the price reduction, redmi K30 Pro is more popular, except that it doesn’t support high brush. Other machines are very good. Next are iqoo Neo 3, realme X50 pro, and Meizu 16t is also on the list this time.

more than 3000 yuan are some flagship products, and the product strength is good, that is, the difference between prices. After the price adjustment, redmi K30 Pro has become the most cost-effective model in this price range; iqoo 3 and Tencent Black Shark game mobile phone 3 follow closely. It is worth mentioning that Meizu 17 series has been listed this time. As the only product of Meizu this year, this machine has attracted much attention. At the bottom of the list is Huawei mate 30, which should be a 4G version and still very popular.

machines over 4500 yuan can be defined as high-end flagship. Although most brands do not have a firm foothold in this field, their products are still very good. This time, Xiaomi 10 Pro once again became the “goalkeeper”, and the balanced configuration was really worth recommending; oppo find x2 ranked second, except that it did not support wireless charging, there were basically no short boards; the vivo X50 PRO + super large cup was a combination of beauty and strength, and the price was more appropriate; Samsung Galaxy S20 ranked last.

from the cost performance list of various prices, millet series products always adhere to the high cost performance line. If you like to pursue performance and configuration, you can choose to start. For high-end computers, it is recommended to choose from Huawei, oppo, Samsung, apple and other brands. Each has its own advantages and depends on its own choice.

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