Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan meets with Afghan Vice Foreign Minister Naboo

China Embassy in Afghanistan one belt, one road, August 10th, and Ambassador Yu Wang met with Deputy Foreign Minister NaBu in August 10th, and exchanged views on Arab consultations on the great krarge conference, the Sino Arab anti epidemic situation and the two countries’ building of the “one belt and one road”. Raming, director general of the Regional Cooperation Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan, and others were present. Ambassador Wang first congratulated the success of the jirga meeting, saying that the meeting fully demonstrated the strong will of the Afghan people to pursue peace, stability and a happy life, and made arduous efforts to promote the inter Afghan negotiations and the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. China has always believed that the Arab issue should be resolved through political means, supports the relevant parties to carry out dialogue and negotiation, so as to create conditions for the final settlement of the Afghan issue, and is willing to continue to be a supporter, mediator and convenience provider for the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. China will implement the results of the foreign ministers’ meeting of the four countries of China and Abani, strengthen cooperation in the fight against the epidemic, and strengthen exchanges and cooperation on the resumption of work and production after the epidemic and economic and social development. Naboo said that the jirga meeting gathered the broadest consensus of all circles in Afghanistan and China and made major decisions on issues related to the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. The Arab side is willing to do its best to promote the early opening of inter Afghan negotiations so as to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan at an early date. The Arab side highly appreciates China’s unremitting efforts in promoting the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan and maintaining regional stability, and hopes that countries in the region, including China, will continue to provide strong support and assistance to the inter Afghan negotiations and the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan. Algeria thanks China for its valuable support in fighting the epidemic and is willing to continue to maintain exchanges and cooperation with China on the resumption of labor and work after the epidemic. One belt, one road initiative, one belt, one road to China, is of great significance to the economic development of the whole region, including Afghanistan. According to Xinhua news agency, Afghanistan held a grand jirga meeting on July 7. After three days of discussion, the meeting released a resolution containing 25 points on the morning of the 9th. The resolution calls on the government to release 400 disputed detainees as soon as possible, open internal dialogue with the Afghan people as soon as possible, realize a permanent cease-fire, and safeguard the achievements made by the whole Afghan society. Isn’t a happy meal safe? Six year old girl eats “Mask” in McDonald’s chicken nuggets

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