China’s first Mars Exploration: exposure of new flight control system

On July 17, the long March-5 remote-4 launch vehicle completed the final assembly test in the technical area at Wenchang space launch site, and then vertically transferred to the launch site. It is planned to carry out China’s first Mars exploration mission from late July to early August and launch tianwen-1.

according to the Beijing space flight control center, China’s first Mars exploration mission will fully adopt a new generation of flight control software and hardware systems, and all preparations are progressing smoothly.

recently, researchers from Beijing aerospace flight control center have organized and carried out many reliability tests, pressure tests and stability tests, and completed the third-party software evaluation. Through various joint debugging exercises, they comprehensively and systematically tested the functional performance and compatibility of the new generation software system and domestic hardware platform And laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the task.

in the Mars exploration mission, Beijing flight control center will serve as the command and decision-making center, control and calculation center, data processing center, information exchange center, and long-term management center of spacecraft. At the same time, it will also undertake the tasks of earth fire transfer orbit control, Mars encircling capture control, fire surface remote operation control, and orbiter operation management.

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