China issued the most forbidden order, and it was useless for the United Nations to plead for mercy. Western countries begged to withdraw the decision

As we all know, with the continuous development of countries all over the world, the garbage produced by the country has infringed on the earth mother, and the garbage has caused great harm to the earth, so nature has returned some disasters to us.

??????? – as we all know, the environment in which we live is being damaged due to the warming of the climate. For example, the glaciers in the Antarctic and Arctic are gradually melting, resulting in the rising sea level. Therefore, we should protect the environment that we rely on to survive. The simplest way is to reduce the generation of garbage. We must classify the garbage, recycle it if it can, and destroy it if it can’t.

????? – many countries don’t want to invest too much money and energy in it. Some countries transport their own garbage to some small countries for them to deal with. China is one of them, which has a great impact on China’s environment. However, some of these industrial wastes are still useful, such as parts of electronic components. Therefore, China is willing to accept these useful foreign wastes because they can study them and learn from them.

??? – but if it is pure garbage, China will not collect it, which will bring a certain burden to the country. Subsequently, China issued some policies and decided not to purchase the foreign garbage. Therefore, many countries begged the United Nations to let China take back such a decision. However, China did not agree and stressed that China’s decision would not be affected by any forces.

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