China has made a breakthrough again, making new materials 200 times harder than steel, with a huge prospect!

On March 5, Cao Yuan, a young scientist from China, reported the latest breakthrough in graphene research in the world’s top scientific research journal Nature, which caused a worldwide sensation. Graphene is known as “the magic material to change the 21st century”, and has the title of “king of black gold new materials”. It is very likely to set off a subversive new technology industrial revolution sweeping the world. As a current development, graphene At present, the thinnest, the strongest, the largest conductivity and thermal conductivity of a new type of nano materials, its thickness is only one of 200000 of the hair.

it is almost completely transparent. If it is used in the military, it will be able to produce paper thin super light aircraft materials, which can greatly reduce the weight of the aircraft, carry more ammunition, and fly faster and farther. If it is used in bulletproof vests, all of them will not be able to penetrate at present, which will greatly guarantee the safety of soldiers, which will also be of great significance in China’s military sense Breakthrough: graphene, even the thinnest material, is the strongest and toughest material. Its strength is 200 times higher than that of the best material just now.

you must know that diamond is the hardest thing in nature, and nature has always been a barrier that human beings can’t surmount. However, the hardness of graphene developed by Chinese engineers is far higher than that of diamond, which is a milestone beyond nature. Of course, good east and West nature will keep them for their own use. China has imposed export restrictions on graphene, and it will not repeat its rarity The industry believes that the successful development of graphene in China will set off a worldwide material revolution.

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