China chip ushers in new opportunities, Huawei reinforcements officially arrived, the two giants will fight

When you talk about Huawei, you will surely think about Huawei’s power cut off by TSMC. As there is no OEM company that can replace TSMC in China, Huawei is in a dilemma of chips for a while. However, Huawei is not without a choice. For now, there are still two enterprises to choose from.

Samsung has many advantages. One is that it has a production line that does not meet the US ban, which can help Huawei. Second, Samsung’s technical strength is comparable to that of TSMC. In terms of strength, MediaTek is not as good as TSMC and Samsung, but it has a strong momentum recently. It has considerable strength in the midrange chips, which can also help Huawei’s production of midrange chips.

it’s just that we have to face a very realistic problem, that is, these two enterprises will still have the chance of getting stuck in the future. Naturally, Samsung did not have to say much about it. Huawei once stuck Huawei’s neck on the screen. I’m afraid Huawei is not very relieved to give such an important chip to Samsung. Of course, brevity is still possible. As for MediaTek, this is a more “black” owner. It has been rumored that when Huawei wants to pass the ban buffer period of additional chip orders, it will “raise the threshold price”. In addition, when there was a rumor that Huawei was going to cooperate with MediaTek, it was afraid that it would be affected and immediately publicly said that it did not provide chips for a certain company. If we really cooperate with such enterprises, I don’t know how miserable Huawei will be. So Samsung can’t, nor can MediaTek. Can Huawei only send orders to Qualcomm? It’s not.

speaking of Ziguang zhanrui, many people may be familiar with it. At the beginning, it was an enterprise specializing in integrated circuits, and it has only started to work on chips in the last two years. Can be in such a late start under the foundation, purple light has good results. For example, its darm memory chip can complete self research, development and manufacturing, directly breaking the foreign monopoly situation. In addition to this, purple light also launched a 5g mobile phone SOC chip this year. It is worth mentioning that the security level of this chip has reached 6 + evaluated by the authority. You know, there are only seven grades in total, and purple light can get 6 +, which shows that its strength is good. If it goes all out into the research and development of mobile phone chips, it may become Huawei’s biggest help.

in fact, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers in China have benefited. As long as purple light has a good development, we will not be stuck on the chip in the future. The most important thing is that if Huawei can participate, then purple light will develop faster. At that time, it will be a win-win situation. Therefore, Xiaobian thinks that purple light will be the biggest help for Huawei.

conclusion: at present, China’s development in the field of science and technology is particularly rapid, and is constantly narrowing the gap with the United States and other countries. I believe that with such efforts, we will soon have independent strength in science and technology. What do netizens think of this? Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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