Children with complementary food, prone to three kinds of “abnormal situation”, nutritionist teach you scientific treatment

Every novice mother in the face of the baby always feel that they do not do this is not good, with the baby there will always be a lot of questions, in the end, they should be like this should be how.

babies mainly drink milk when they are young, but when the nutrition of milk can’t meet the age of children’s growth and development after 6 months, the use of complementary food can help children to diversify their diet and absorb more nutrients. Today, we will discuss the “abnormal phenomenon” that will be encountered after adding Baobao supplementary food, while parents need not be too nervous

Parents will find that when adding supplementary food to the baby, the food residue will be more obvious when the baby pulls Baba, which looks like what to eat. Then they will feel that the baby’s stool will become sticky, which is better than before.

but this is a reasonable phenomenon. Because the baby used to rely on breast milk as food, suddenly change the addition of complementary food, baby’s food has become diversified, stool will be affected by food, stool will naturally become thicker.

if the mother finds that the baby’s Baba food residue is too obvious, and it is very thin, and then the number of times to pull Baba becomes more, then the best way is to reduce the intake of supplementary food for the baby. When the baby begins to eat supplementary food, eat rice paste from less to more, slowly add more vegetables and fruits, and then add more meat, from one kind to a variety, we should pay attention to step by step. Try to be light at the beginning to avoid the baby’s stomach and intestines.

compared with the insipid breast milk, complementary food will be more fragrant and sweeter, and the taste is completely different from that of breast milk. Therefore, children may prefer to eat complementary food after adding complementary food, which leads to their dislike of breast milk or milk powder.

but the mother still needs to pay attention to the supplementary food after the baby is six months old. It is only for the child to try the taste of the food and supplement a small amount of nutrition. The most important thing is to drink milk.

the first supplementary food is rice paste. Generally, we suggest that children should take two or three spoons of rice paste once a day at the beginning. But some parents may watch their children like to eat all the time, children eat too much indigestion, become a bad appetite. It’s what the common people talk about.

complementary food is a transition to food for the baby, which can help the baby enhance immunity and resistance, but also pay attention to the normal way of adding.

adding complementary foods at 6 months of age can help babies meet their growth and development needs. Of course, if the child can’t breast feed the child at 5 months old, and the child weighs more than 14 Jin, if he sees that the adult wants to eat, he can also consider adding supplementary food to the child within 5 months.

first add rice flour, then vegetables and fruits, and then add meat. When choosing food materials, it should be healthy and fresh, which can reduce the damage of baby by some residual pesticides or bacteria.

first look at the baby’s stool. Because mothers can’t intuitively understand the baby’s digestion, we can observe the changes of baby’s stool at this time.

at the beginning, the suitable complementary food for baby is soup or diluted mud paste food. According to the baby’s acceptance, it will gradually become small pieces of solid food.

some mothers call breast milk insufficient, so they want their children to eat more complementary food, but they find that their children don’t like to eat too much. Maybe the mother gives too much, or the baby doesn’t like the taste of some food. It is suggested that they try to give the baby a small number of times.

when the mothers feed their babies with complementary food, if the baby’s skin is swollen or eczema appears If the symptoms are too serious, we should take the baby to the hospital for examination.

the first is diarrhea. Diarrhea is the most common allergic signal in babies. Especially for the baby after adding complementary food, what should be considered most is caused by certain food.

the second is constipation. After receiving the new complementary food, the baby’s defecation frequency will be less, the texture is too hard, and then difficult to discharge, which indicates that the baby is allergic to food. But this situation is relatively rare, need to cooperate with the doctor’s examination to make a better judgment.

in the process of adding complementary food to the baby, in order to ensure their acceptance and safety issues, it is necessary to pay attention to a small amount of dilution to add, to give the baby enough adaptation period, the added things should not be too miscellaneous, in case the baby can not absorb. President of Belarus talks about Putin: like my brother, he is not an elder who gives orders

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