“Chicken eating” Maserati appears in “new color”, players are waiting for 10 minutes to experience the new color

In recent years, the sudden rise of short video has given birth to a new way of entertainment. All kinds of healthy people have settled down on the short video platform, and “game explosion God” is also active in the short video platform!

among the numerous game revelers, there must be the God of peace elite. Many contents of the explosion will blow up the whole short video platform! For example, in a short video of, there are two “peace elite” wonderful news short video! One is to launch “fighter” to fight fighter planes, and the other is a brand-new “sports car” appearing on the island map. However, the authenticity of these two short films is still in doubt. I think “fighter” is basically impossible. This “sports car” is a bit interesting. From the appearance, the shape of this sports car is a little different from Maserati. The appearance of this sports car is cool. From the perspective of the logo, this sports car brand should belong to Lamborghini. Is there a new linkage relationship between this sports car and Lamborghini?

However, we all know that Lamborghini sports cars are generally two seater cars. However, in the island mapping of peace elite, there are only motorcycles and “jumping” in peace elite. If motorcycles are basically impossible, the possibility of “jumping” is not very high. The official will not destroy the structure of Lamborghini because it caters to the shape of Lamborghini, which causes fun Great attention from the family. At the beginning of the video, the vehicle display part is more like “wild racing” before the race. I think this short video is more like a new video. Players can get it by editing and combining wild racing and peace elite pictures! This greatly reduces his authenticity! Although many players don’t believe it, if it’s really online, his popularity can be better than Maserati. Let’s look forward to it!

as we all know, vehicles are very important in the competition. We should also adapt to the actual combat effect. We can stay away from the poison and use it as a shelter. In addition, the “Maserati” mentioned above is the body skin of the car. However, in the case of no vehicle, the red car is most likely to be stuck from the bug, as shown in the figure above. In the process of running poison, the front of the car is directly Finally, you have to give up the car and run on your lap.

more often than not, cars will fly into trees. I have heard of “pigs on trees” since I was a child, but this time I saw “trees on cars”! This is a small matter. We all know that Leng Yanhua, the peace elite anchor, chased a red motorcade in the live broadcast. When they chased the residential area, an interesting scene appeared. The red motorcade’s vehicle flew into the air and carried out several 360 degree beautiful actions in the air. The enemy was confused and the vehicle was directly destroyed by the regiment! You can see that the red car in the game will bring its own dangerous bug, maybe at some time, when you drive the red car, you will pit the players, and then meet the red car to be careful!

since the launch of 520 “cute little yellow duck suit”, many players have started the “Gemeng” package because of the cute little yellow duck element. In the game fun, experience the duckling cute! Of course, this “cute little yellow duck” series also includes helmet and back foreskin, each of which reveals his loveliness. Due to the cute and cute of the small yellow duck series suits in peace elite, many items similar to the yellow duck suit will also attract the attention of players. For example, this backpack is similar to the yellow duck backpack in the game, but this backpack is one shoulder bag and two shoulder bag in the game. Although a little different, but still can’t help but want to buy such a lovely bag!

as we all know, among the peace elites, Maserati car skin has always been one of the players’ favorite game skins. At that time, along with the “five Yao blessing” activities, a peace elite krypton star gold show was staged. Some players even use krypton 6000 to get full skin. Maserati comes in three colors: blue, pink and gold, of which gold is the rarest.

in the game, another color of Maserati appears. In order to experience the new color of Maserati, players wait 10 minutes in the training ground before being ranked!

the picture above is on the training ground. I can see Maserati’s new color in the picture, but how can I get this color? The author thinks that Maserati coffee can’t be issued by the government. The biggest possibility is that players use third-party game modifiers to change their skin color. However, it is easy to find out that using a third-party modifier to modify game data is not worth the end of a 10-year gift package.

“eat chicken” Maserati appeared “new color”! In order to experience the new color, the player will wait here for 10 minutes. Thank you for reading it carefully. If you like, you can pay attention to him. Trump posted that “children are immune to the new crown” was deleted from Facebook and twitter

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