Cathay Pacific agricultural stock rose 2.11%, please keep an eye on it

Financial sector fund on August 06 – Cathay Pacific agricultural stock investment fund announced the latest net value, up 2.11%. The net value of the fund unit is 2.609 yuan, and the accumulated net value is 2.609 yuan.

Cathay Pacific agricultural equity securities investment fund was established on June 15, 2017, and its performance comparison benchmark is “csida agricultural index * 80.00% + China Securities composite bond index * 20.00%”. Since its establishment, the fund has gained 160.90%, 57.36% since this year, 20.23% in recent month, 81.56% in recent one year and 159.34% in recent three years. In the past year, the Fund ranked in the same category. Since its establishment, the fund has ranked in the same category.

according to the fixed investment ranking data of funds in the financial sector, the return of fixed investment in the fund in recent one year was 53.21%, 94.21% in the past two years, 111.04% in the last three years, and — in the last five years.

according to the latest periodic report, the top ten heavy positions of the fund are Guizhou Maotai, muyuan, Tongwei, new hope, Shuanghui development, Shengnong development, Zhongqi, Wenshi, Haida group and Zhongju hi tech, accounting for 44.09% of the total assets of the fund, and the overall shareholding concentration is 44.09%.

in the last report period of the latest report period, the top ten heavy positions of the fund were new hope, muyuan shares, Zhongqi shares, Tongwei shares, Shunxin agriculture, Shuanghui development, Tianyu shares, Wenshi shares, Guizhou Maotai and Haida group, accounting for 34.21% of the total assets of the fund, and the overall shareholding concentration.

in the second quarter of 2020, the A-share market has withstood the impact of the continuous warming of the global epidemic situation, and various indexes have shown a trend of upward oscillation, showing a good resilience. The CSI 300 index rose by 12.96% in the single and second quarter, while the gem index reached a new high in five years, with a substantial increase of 30.25% in the single quarter. The growth style of small and medium market value was better than that of large market value stocks again, and the pharmaceutical industry became the market winner.

in the second quarter, the stock positions of the fund were controlled at 80% – 90%. From the perspective of the subdivision of large agriculture, we maintained the standard allocation of breeding stocks in the second quarter, continued to increase the veterinary drugs and vaccines related to the post breeding cycle, and increased the allocation of pesticides in view of the increase of global pests in the first half of the year. On the whole, the fund continued to lay out leading enterprises in various subdivision fields of big agriculture in accordance with the requirements of the fund contract, including breeding, vaccines, veterinary drugs, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, food processing, etc.

the net value growth rate of Cathay Pacific agriculture in the second quarter of 2020 is 15.01%, and the benchmark yield of performance comparison in the same period is 8.14%.

looking forward to the third quarter of 2020, we believe that the impact of the global new crown epidemic on the market will gradually weaken, and the domestic macroeconomic recovery progress and macro policies will dominate the performance of the A-share market. Under the situation that the monetary policy remains relatively loose and the residents’ savings funds continue to enter the market, the A-share market is expected to continue its strong pattern in the second quarter. In terms of operation, the foundation pays close attention to the changes of epidemic situation at home and abroad, pays attention to domestic demand and rigid demand in structure, and strictly adheres to the analysis based on profit certainty and valuation security in individual stocks.

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