Canadian military’s new armored combat support vehicle begins production

Toronto, August 4 (Xinhua) the Canadian military disclosed on August 4 that a new type of armored combat support vehicle (acsv) has been put into production. It will replace the M113 crawler light armored vehicle and laviibison armored personnel carrier currently used by the military.

in the future, the new acsv will be used as military personnel and equipment transport vehicles, ambulances, command posts, mobile maintenance vehicles, etc., to play a combat support role.

the military vehicle was put into production at General Dynamics’ plant in London, Ontario, Canada. The Canadian military disclosed that the project contract was signed in September last year. Since then, general dynamics has carried out some subcontracting work, bringing more than $137 million of investment to more than 30 Canadian enterprises and creating more than 400 jobs.

the first acsv is expected to be off-line in December this year. After the first batch of vehicles are allocated to the army in 2022, testing, training and spare parts procurement will be carried out. How much fart is normal? How much harm does suffocating fart do to human body? How dare you hold your breath after watching it

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