Can one dozen two patents be applied for PCT?

A: It can be applied, and PCT patent application needs to meet two conditions: first, the patent applicant must be a member of the PCT contracting state; second, the type of patent belongs to invention or utility model patent. Therefore, for one dozen two, one of them can be selected as the priority basis for PCT application within the priority period.

it should be noted that when PCT enters China, it is not allowed to apply for invention and utility model at the same time. According to the examination guide, Article 9, paragraph 1 of the patent law stipulates that only one patent right can be granted for the same invention creation. In an international application for designation of China, when going through the procedures for entering the national phase, the applicant shall choose whether to obtain “patent for invention” or “patent for utility model”, either of which shall be selected. It is not allowed to claim for “patent for invention” and “patent for utility model” at the same time. If the application fails to meet the requirements, the examiner shall issue a notice that the international application cannot enter the national phase of China. Scientists have made ultra-high-speed terahertz wireless chips that deliver faster than 5g

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