Buying a mobile phone only depends on the parameters? Don’t be silly. It’s worth learning from experts

The captain asked us a very interesting question, that is, how do you buy mobile phones according to your own needs, that is, how do you know that the model you need to configure in this way is suitable for you? Heard from friends? Or see people around you are using it, or you are a digital enthusiast. You can clearly know your own needs and choose to buy them?

of course, all of these are possible, but the most important thing is to listen to the introduction of friends, and then go to the official website of the mobile phone to see the parameter information. If they think it is very suitable, they will buy it. As a result, they are very satisfied with the purchase. However, some people regret buying it because they can’t use or can’t use some function configurations on the official mobile phone website Use less.

people like this obviously don’t know their needs. They think the introduction is very high-tech, and then they buy it back as soon as their brains are hot. As a result, I spent hundreds of dollars in vain. I bought a mobile phone that I didn’t need very much. Then I had to return it and go through a series of troublesome procedures such as after-sales service.

there is another kind of pure mobile phone Xiaobai. I don’t know what kind of mobile phone I want to buy, because there are so many mobile phones released in the market. Different brands of mobile phones with the same price have similar configuration. They are not rice noodles or pollen. They are ordinary people who don’t like any mobile phone manufacturers.

when they buy mobile phones, they usually go to the mobile phone store with their family or friends, and tell their needs to their friends. For example, they play games with a budget of less than 2000, and then friends introduce them to you. Of course, thoughtful people will ask more than one person, so that they can conduct statistical screening and choose the one that is most suitable for them 。

I don’t know it’s really troublesome. It’s time for you to change your mobile phone after three or five years of use. You’ll consult friends or go with the public to buy a popular mobile phone of a famous brand. However, you can’t use such a high configuration Mobile phone.

the captain also met a lot of fans like this. After recommending to them, the captain usually gave them a complimentary sentence. If you really don’t know what kind of mobile phone you want to buy, you can go to the channel of big tech to watch the evaluation of mobile phone. Rely on their own needs, for example, only play games, then only look at the evaluation of the game phone, and then combine with their own situation to choose to buy!

it’s not bad for you to learn some knowledge about mobile phones. At least, when you buy a mobile phone, you don’t need to bother others. When you go to a physical store, you know what model you want to buy. If you go to buy it directly, you can save the time of test run, which is convenient and efficient.

there are a lot of technology channels now, such as a certain evaluation, a certain aesthetics, a hurricane, and so on. There are more gods on the oil pipe, which are very comprehensive and easy to understand. In a word, the captain feels that what he has learned is always his own, and this knowledge will always help you. Constellation

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