British media: France faces a peak of pet abandonment due to going on holiday

[Global Times reporter Lu Keding] “why France is the” European champion “of abandoned pets, the BBC reported on the 9th that August is the traditional” holiday month “in France. This year, affected by the new crown epidemic, the French are forbidden to stay at home for many days, and they are more eager to go out of their homes and breathe. In summer, with the reopening of some scenic spots and beaches, the French holiday peak comes again. But unfortunately, with this peak comes the peak of abandonment of pets. According to the BBC, pet homes in French cities have been packed with pets recently, and managers say it is their busiest time because so many people choose to throw away their pets in order to go on holiday. < / P > < p > according to the data, more than half of French families have at least one pet, which easily reminds people that France is a country that loves small animals. But the truth is that France is also the European country that abandons pets the most. On average, about 100000-200000 pets are abandoned every year, 60% of which occur in summer. Experts say that many French people buy pets out of “impulse”, just like buying a new mobile phone, to catch up with the trend; in addition, many French people have the habit of “giving pets as gifts”, which has led to a large number of abandoned pets. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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