British media: double effects of epidemic situation and international situation

[European Times Zheng Yang translated and reported] Xinguan epidemic continues to spread, and the international situation is unpredictable. Under the dual special circumstances, Chinese students studying in Britain and the United States are in a dilemma. According to the BBC, Chinese students studying in the United States are not only trapped overseas because of the new epidemic, but also face the worry of being politicized by the United States. Meanwhile, Scottish universities have been discussing charter flights for freshmen, and Alastair SIM, the head of the school, said, “the school is trying to come up with a reasonable solution.”

Ma Yingyi, assistant professor of sociology at Syracuse University, told the BBC that Chinese students studying in the United States are now “politicized and marginalized” to an “unprecedented degree”. According to reports, U.S. President trump recently cancelled the visa applications of 3000 Chinese students for their alleged connection with the Chinese military and military academies.

a tie, a major in Environmental Science, told the BBC that she was pessimistic about her academic prospects in the United States because of the increasingly stringent US censorship of Chinese science and technology students and scholars. “I used to think I would study for a doctorate in the United States and then settle down here, but now I want to go back to China after I get my master’s degree,” atie said.

in order to prevent imported new cases, China has reduced the number of international flights, and most of the overseas students have to face the dilemma of staying overseas and staying far away from their families.

Sir Anton mascatley, President and vice president of the University of Glasgow, believes that the new coronavirus and international tensions should not affect the free flow of students, according to the times. In this regard, Scottish universities have discussed the issue of charter flights for new students and stressed the importance of Chinese students. “China seems to have extended its flight restrictions to October, which will be a major obstacle for Chinese students to study in Scotland and the UK,” said Alastair SIM, the head of the program. Therefore, the school is trying to discuss a reasonable solution. ”

Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Bolton have already set up charter flights for overseas students enrolled in September, and some other universities are expected to follow suit in the coming weeks. The vice president of Exeter University said he was also considering charter flights for students who entered this fall, so that students who could not take commercial flights could come to the UK. In addition, the board schools’ Association, which represents 500 schools in the UK, has teamed up with a Chinese airline to try to provide flights for Chinese students.

according to the times, British universities are “increasingly dependent on Chinese students”. Anton warned that rejecting Chinese students would weaken Britain’s “soft power.”. According to the report, one fifth of the tuition income of Glasgow University comes from Chinese students. With the increase of Chinese family income brought by economic growth, Chinese students have more opportunities to broaden their horizons. Chinese students account for 40% of global university applicants. “It’s a very important part of the UK’s soft power, and it’s probably one of the UK’s most successful export industries,” Anton said

according to statistics, between 2018 and 2019, 11500 Chinese students went to study in Scotland, paying nearly 200 million pounds, twice the tuition fees paid by American students.

he also said, “when you look at the economy of the post brexit era in the UK, it is important to maintain the free flow of these students for the UK’s economy and soft power.” Members of the Scottish government’s Economic Recovery Advisory Group have also suggested that if the world economy regresses and splits into different trading blocs, the living standards of the western people will drop sharply.

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