British, American, Australian and Canadian foreign ministers issued Hong Kong related statement

According to a reporter from the Chinese Embassy in the UK, a reporter asked: on August 9, the British Foreign Minister and the foreign minister of the United States, Australia and New Zealand issued a joint statement expressing concern about the implementation of the national security law in Hong Kong, the postponement of Legislative Council elections and the disqualification of relevant candidates for election, saying that this has eroded the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people of Hong Kong and undermined the democratic process in Hong Kong, and called on the Hong Kong government to hold elections as soon as possible The candidates concerned shall be elected and restored. What is the comment of the Chinese Embassy? A spokesman for the Embassy in the UK said: the British Foreign Secretary, together with the foreign ministers of the United States, Australia and Canada, issued the so-called “joint statement”, which once again grossly interfered in Hong Kong affairs and China’s politics by gossiping about Hong Kong’s national security law and the election of the Hong Kong Legislative Council. China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this. The national security law of Hong Kong has made up for the legal loopholes existing in Hong Kong for a long time. The implementation of the law is conducive to the protection of “one country, two systems” and the long-term stability of Hong Kong. It is also conducive to the protection of the rights and freedom of the Hong Kong people and the international community. In the face of the severe epidemic situation, the Hong Kong SAR government has decided to postpone the election of the seventh Legislative Council. This is a proper measure to protect the life safety and health of Hong Kong people, and it is also necessary to ensure the safety, fairness and fairness of the Legislative Council election. It is also in line with the prevailing measures adopted by many countries and regions. In March this year, the United Kingdom announced that the local elections scheduled for May 7 were postponed due to the epidemic situation, but now it is groundlessly accusing the Hong Kong SAR Government of postponing the Legislative Council election. This is a blatant “double standard”. At the same time, according to the basic law, the Hong Kong National Security Law and the Hong Kong election law, the Hong Kong returning officer has made a decision on the invalid nomination of the relevant personnel for the election to the Legislative Council, which is legal and can not be blamed. As in Britain, anyone who refuses to be loyal to the queen will not be able to serve as a member of Parliament. It should also be pointed out that the core meaning of the Sino British Joint Declaration is that China will resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong. After Hong Kong’s return to China, all the provisions concerning the British side in the joint declaration have been fulfilled. China will never accept any foreign interference in China’s politics on the pretext of the joint statement. The Chinese side once again urges Britain and other countries to abide by the international law and basic norms of international relations that do not interfere in other countries’ Chinese Affairs, and immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and China’s politics in any way. Do not make mistakes again and again, otherwise they will suffer their own consequences. Trump posted that “children are immune to the new crown” was deleted from Facebook and twitter

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